"Zombies Pseudo-Ku"
Zombie Pseudo-Ku
Platform: Internet
Mode(s): Single player
Link: Teletoon

Zombies Pseudo-Ku (also known as Dude of the Living Dead Pseudo-Ku) is a sudoku game based on 6teen found on the Teletoon website. Like its predecessor, it has 6teen characters which have to be arranged on a sudoku grid so that there is one, and no more than one, of each in each row, column, and square. Unlike Pseudo-Ku, however, the characters in this game are zombies from "Dude of the Living Dead."


The pieces appear as various zombies from the show. To complete the puzzle, the player has to find which spaces they have to fit into. In order to aid with this, the player is given the option of overlaying numbers over the pictures or leaving them as they are. The characters are:

  • A male zombie with slicked-back hair
  • Zombie Jen
  • Zombie Michael Jackson
  • A zombified teenager with a mohawk
  • Zombie Julie
  • Zombie Coach Halder
  • A male zombie teenager with a buzz cut
  • A zombie woman (appearing to be in her mid-twenties)
  • Zombie Morgana.

There are three levels: Easy, Normal, and Crazy. For the easy one, only 18 squares have to be filled in the 81 square grid. On the normal level, the player has to fill 36 blocks correctly. On the hardest level, a majority (54) of the blocks have to be filled.

Interestingly, the levels increase their difficulty by leaving another two blocks blank in each row. Although the columns and the squares have an indefinite number of filled or blank slots, the rows will always have the same number of unfilled spaces. On the easiest setting, there will be two blank places in each row. On the intermediate (Normal) setting, there will be four spaces left unfilled in each row. On the "Crazy" setting, there will be six spaces left blank in each row.


  • Jen is the only one of the gang to appear in the game (albeit as a zombie).
  • Only two characters from the original Pseudo-Ku, Jen and Coach Halder, appear in this game.
  • The way to complete this game is similar to the original Pseudo-Ku.



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