Platform: Internet
Mode(s): Single Player
Link: None available

6teen Wordsearch is a game formerly on the Teletoon website. It was a typical wordsearch. All of the words in the wordsearch are related to 6teen.


The game has only one level. Eleven random words will be selected for the puzzle. These words will all be related to 6teen in some way. An example of this is that the puzzle will usually include at least one of the characters' first names and at least one of the characters' last names.

Like many word puzzles, the words can be written horizontally, in reverse, downwards, upwards, or diagonally in any direction. There is a grid composed of 289 letters; the letters are seventeen per row and seventeen per column. A typical list of words needed would be as follows:

In addition to this, there is a timer. The point is to complete the game in the least amount of time possible. Caitlin is also seen, standing next to the board and smiling. The background is composed of beige lemon slices on a cream background. Also, there are hints the player can use, but thirty seconds will be added to the player's time for every hint used. When the game is won, the player's time is shown on the screen along with a congratulatory message.


  • There is no titlecard for this game.
  • Caitlin is the only character in the game.
  • When the game is won, the player's time is shown on the screen along with a congratulatory message.
    • The same thing happens with the two 6teen sudoku games Pseudo-Ku and Zombies Pseudo-Ku.
    • Interestingly, these three games are the only ones to expressly time how long it takes you to complete the game (although the sudoku games allow you to choose from between 3 different levels).
  • There is a glitch on the game: when the "New Puzzle" button is clicked, it takes the player back to the main page. To get a new puzzle, the player has to click on the "Restart" button.


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