Wonder Taco is a taco shop at the mall. It is run by Julie and frequented by the guys in the gang. The store is generally considered one of the least cool stores to work at in the mall; this is because the uniform includes a gigantic taco-shaped hat and because employees are forced to know the lyrics to the store's theme song by heart and sing it on command.

The store's main gimmick is a superhero named Wonder Taco. Although this superhero is never seen in full in the show, his outline can be seen drawn behind the counter. The character is seemingly dressed in a tight spandex outfit with a W on the chest, gloves, boots, a cape, and the taco hat common to all Wonder Taco employees. In the pose that the character is seen in, he appears to be flying, and since Jonesy and Jude reference Superman when talking about the store in "Take This Job and Squeeze It" it can be assumed that the character Wonder Taco is a parody of Superman.

Also notable is the store's uniform. Julie is usually seen dressed in a white shirt, red pants, and a large taco hat; as such, it can be assumed that this is the uniform that all employees must wear. The most noticeable part of the costume is the taco hat, which appears to actually be slightly larger than the lemon hat that employees of the Big Squeeze are forced to wear. The taco hat is considered the worst part of the uniform, and is one of the biggest reasons why Wonder Taco is considered one of the least cool stores to work.

Wonder Taco appears to serve a typical Mexican fast food restaurant menu. In addition to tacos, they apparently serve burritos, as Jonesy is seen eating one in "Clonesy." Beyond this, their tacos (despite appearing to be made of only a taco shell, lettuce, and meat) are apparently made with several ingredients, as in "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2" Jonesy reveals that his taco came with hot sauce, jalapenos, and cheese.

Like most food stores in the mall, Wonder Taco appears to be a single-person operation. Julie acts as cashier and cook for the store. In the latter capacity, Julie is revealed to use her food-preparation position to get revenge on people she doesn't like, as she both spits in their food and empties dirt into it. Despite knowing this and being disliked by Julie, however, both Jonesy and Jude frequent the store.


  • In "Dude of the Living Dead" Julie is shown to be able to run the store even as a zombie.
    • Interestingly, the tacos tip off Jonesy and Wyatt to something weird going on, as they find Julie's rotting thumb in Wyatt's taco.
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