Willows and Willaims Exterior
Willows and Williams is a furniture store in the Galleria Mall. It sells various forms of furniture and home decorations. It is one of the more infrequently mentioned or seen stores in the show, as it has only played roles in the plots of four episodes.

Willows and Williams is first mentioned in "The Slow and the Even-Tempered." There, Yummy Mummy asks Jonesy for directions to the store while Jonesy is working as a mall cop, and Jonesy reveals that Willows and Williams is not located on the top level of the mall. Beyond this, no details are given about the store.

In "The Swami," Willows and Williams appears for the first time. It is the workplace of Caitlin's crush, Jeff. There, Jeff is seen inside the store, having just finished a transaction with Yummy Mummy. The store is revealed here to mostly sell furniture. After this, it appears in "Selling Out To The Burger Man," where Caitlin's date Les suggests they get a silver frame for a photo from the store, which shows that Willows and Williams does more than sell furniture.

The store then appears in "Cheapskates." There, Jen and Griffin sit on a porch swing in the display window as part of their first date. It is revealed that Griffin has a friend who works at the store when they do this, as Griffin's friend was the one who got them access to the store so that they could sit on the porch swing and enjoy their date together. After this, Willows and Williams never had another significant appearance in the show, although it sometimes appeared in backgrounds.



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