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"Vote, Dude!"
Episode name reference to/pun on: Season 1 episode "Boo, Dude!"
Season Minisode, Episode 94
Airdate: CAN: September 12, 2018
Directed by: N/A
Written by: N/A
Story Editors: N/A
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Vote, Dude! is a special reunion minisode of 6teen. It is a PSA about elections that was released on YouTube on September 12, 2018.

The main six, who is now 18 years and can legally vote, gathers at the Big Squeeze and discusses who they'll vote for.


At the Lemon, Jen meets up with Nikki and Caitlin to tell that since they're all eighteen now, she's planning on registering to vote so she can participate in the upcoming midterm elections. Meeting up with the girls, Wyatt vocalizes his disdain for President Trump and his rulings.

Jen asks the others, including Jude (who's been smoking inside of the Lemon), if they're planning on registering to vote, prompting Nikki to claim that she's not planning on voting, citing her "living in a free country" and her dissatisfaction with democracy and politicians. Jonesy, having arrived during Nikki's explanation, dons his pussyhat and flirts with a passerby, prompting an angered Nikki to break up with him. Wyatt asks Jonesy if he will vote, to which Jonesy responds by donning his "Make America great again" hat to Wyatt's concern.

Unmoved by Jonesy's support for Trump, Wyatt encourages the other four to vote, citing that Millennials compose the largest voting group and thus can swing an entire election, and Jen adds that every election can impact the country. As Caitlin, Nikki, and Jonesy's disinterest in politics frustrates Wyatt and Jen, Jude encourages his friends and nearby shoppers to vote.

Arriving shortly after the commotion, Ron gripes that Millennials do not know the experience of going to war and Coach Halder joins by dismissing Millennials as "special snowflakes with participation trophies." In response, Jen warns her friends that should they not vote, the older generations will have more power in the election, prompting the gang to begin registering to vote.

However, Darth soon comes by and reminds the gang of one very crucial fact: they're all Canadian-citizens, which means they ultimately have no say in what goes on in the American-government. Realizing that Darth's right, the gang feels kind of embarrassed about getting so caught up in something that they can't even legally participate in. Jonesy offers both his pussyhat and MAGA hat to Caitlin in an attempt to reunite with Nikki, which succeeds as the minisode closes with the URL to register to vote.


  • Nikki: (to Wyatt) You need to chill. You're making me stressed AF!
  • Kirsten: Nikki, you're back! OMG, you look the same!
    Nikki: (mocking) OMG, drop dead!
    Kirsten: Aww, I missed your bitchiness.
  • Jonesy: (about Trump) He solved Korea. East and West Korea are finally together again!
    Wyatt: North and South.
    Jonesy: Them, too? See? He fixed all the Koreas.
  • Jonesy: (to Ron) Oh my God! You're still alive?
  • Ron: Jackwagons.


  • Jonesy's job: News stand worker.
    Reason for firing: He ate a candy bar, which his boss considered theft.


  • This is the first episode since the 6teen series finale to air since 2010.
  • Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch, the creators of 6teen, intended for this PSA to get the show's American audience to vote.
  • Everyone is 18 years old, meaning that two years have passed since the two-part series finale "Bye Bye Nikki?".


  • It is unknown how old the other recurring characters are, so it is possible that they may or may not be old enough to participate in an election.

Episode connections

  • This is the first episode since the season 1 episode "The Sushi Connection" to use profanity, the word in question being "bitch." In "The Sushi Connection", the word "ass" was featured, leading to the episode being banned from airing in the United States.

Cultural references

  • Jonesy pulls out a pussyhat, which is known for being crafted by women as part of the United States' Women's March.
  • Jonesy mentions being a Trump supporter, meaning he's part of the Republican party.
  • Caitlin mentions singer Ariana Grande when stating who she'll vote for.
  • This is the first 6teen episode to be released since 2010.
    • Being a minisode, it's only about eight minutes long.
    • As of March 29, 2019, the video has gained nearly 600,000 views on YouTube.




Vote, Dude! (PSA) - 6Teen Reunion 2018