Hello, 6teen fans, this is Concernedalien11780. Total Drama Island is what introduced me to 6teen, after their introduction around the same time on Cartoon Network. I learned of the show's history from a little Internet research and learned of Jennifer Perscht and Tom McGillis's reasoning behind the writing of the show. They found out that kids were watching adult cartoons and appreciated the smart, multi-layered writing found in most of them and were a lot better at handling adult themes than their parents were willing to give them credit for. As a result, they wanted to make a show for pre-teens and teens that discussed more adult themes in a not-too-explicit way. They expected their target audience to know most of what was being talked about and tried to avoid "one for mom and dad" jokes, feeling that they were belittling to their audience. While somewhat predictable and stereotyped in its delivery at times, I'm usually able to forgive things like that if they're in a cartoon. A little hypocritical, I admit, to let something slide for animation but not for live-action, but to each their own. The animation was really advanced for a show produced from 2004 to 2010, and the humor often was pretty legitimately funny. It was the perfect show for someone like me at the time it was on Cartoon Network- I was ages twelve and thirteen when it was on, looking for a slightly more mature kids' show, and on the cusp of the teenage years when the situations in the show would happen to me, albeit in their own way and not in the way presented in the show. The show reminds us all that you don't need a million minor friends as long as you have five good ones. Thank you for letting me into this community, and maybe I'll see you around this wiki.