Underground Video is a video rental shop that specializes in independent movies. It is a rival to Taj Mahome Video and is located directly across from the chain store. Underground Video was managed by Wayne in all of its appearances, and as a result reflected many of Wayne's beliefs about movies.

Underground Video was first seen in "Going Underground," where the guys applied to work at the store after Stick It was shut down, Serena fired Wyatt from Spin This, and Jonesy (as usual) was in need of a job. When the trio applied, Wayne showed his management style by hiring Jude and Jonesy to work there on a whim. Later, Wayne also showed his love of movies when he fired Jonesy after Jonesy selected Top M16s as his favorite film; Jonesy was fired due to the fact that Wayne hated the movie, and Wayne hired Wyatt to work there instead.

After this, Underground Video was seen from time to time, as it was the workplace of both Wyatt and Jude. In "Major Unfaithfulness," however, the store changed hands, as the owner of the store (the never-seen and never-previously-mentioned Crazy Pete) sold Underground Video to Taj Mahome Video. Soon, Taj Mahome took over the store and forced the employees to obey all the rules of Taj Mahome Video to the letter, lowering the spirits of Jude, Wyatt, and Wayne immensely. As a result, Wayne hired Jonesy to chase off customers to make the store tank, and when Jonesy was successful Taj Mahome Video sold the store to Wayne.

The next big change for the store occurred in "A Ding from Down Under," when Wyatt was fired for spilling coffee on a movie that Wayne loved. After this, the store appeared much less frequently, and Jude at some point left his job there and started working at the ice rink in "Snow Job." The store appeared intermittently throughout the third season, when the group went there occasionally to rent videos, but in "6 Teens and A Baby" Wayne revealed that the store shut down (implicitly because of his bad management).


  • It is unknown why Jude left the store, as he was never seen being fired or quitting.
  • This store had one of the only copies of The 77th Samurai until Jude copied the movie Board Warriors 3 over it. The only other known store in the mall that has a copy is Super Terrific Happy Sushi.
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