Things That Beep Exterior
Things That Beep is an electronics store in the Galleria Mall. It is known for selling home gadgets, such as massage chairs, juicers that are also tanning machines, and audio-visual equipment. While its competitor Stereo Shack focuses on selling more practical, "nerdy" devices, Things That Beep mainly sells leisure-focused gadgets.

Things That Beep first appeared in "The Five Finger Discount." There, Jonesy got a job at the store by lying on his resume while Jude fell in love with a massage chair sold there that would speak to its owner (the chair itself was billed as a Tush Control 3000). It was revealed that Blade and Christo were the managers of the store, as they hired and fired Jonesy in the episode.

After this, Things That Beep has mainly only made cameos in the background. Exceptions to this rule include "The Wedding Destroyers" and "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2." In the first episode listed, Jonesy and his brothers visited the store to purchase a gift for the wedding between Emma Masterson and Mr. Garcia and ordered one over the objections of Courtney and Jen Masterson. After this, it appeared in "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2," where Jude hid in the store after it closed in order to watch movies (and because he was homeless at the time due to losing his house keys while his parents were on vacation).

At some point, Things That Beep acquired, was acquired by, or merged with Stereo Shack. This is evident because although Darth was working at Stereo Shack during "Welcome to the Darth Side," in "J is For Genius" he is working from the same storefront but the store is called Things That Beep. As a result, it appears that Darth kept his management position, but had the name of his storefront changed.

Interestingly, in "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2," Blade was seen closing up the shop. However, in "Going Underground," it was revealed that he and Christo had taken jobs at Taj Mahome Video instead. It is possible that the duo returned to work at the store, or that this was a continuity error.

Gadgets Sold

  • Massage Chairs (Tush Control 3000, or tc3000)
  • Juicer/Tanning Machines
  • Two-Minute Hair Curlers (mentioned by Caitlin)
  • Various Audio-Visual Equipment:
    • Widescreen TVs
    • Speakers
    • Laptops
    • Stereos
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