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The Soda Hop, as seen in the episode "A Crime of Fashion".

The Soda Hop is a store located in the Galleria Mall's food court.

Although the store is called "The Soda Hop", it is actually an ice cream parlor. It was first mentioned in the episode "Take This Job and Squeeze It", where Jonesy mentioned he worked here. However, ten minutes after he was hired, Jonesy got fired for hitting on his co-worker, who happened to be his boss's daughter.

The store makes a physical appearance in the episode "A Crime of Fashion". Incidentally, Jonesy worked here again, but this time, he worked alongside a French exchange student named Amélie. He got fired once again because his little brother Robbie ruined his date with Amélie and was arrested for throwing Robbie into the mall fountain.

The owner of this store, as well as his daughter, is unknown.


  • In the episode "Lights Out", the Double Dip Ice Cream store has the same location as The Soda Hop.