The Khaki Barn is a clothing store in the Galleria Mall that serves as the workplace of Nikki and the Clones. Chrissy is the manager of the store, and as such is Nikki's boss. The Khaki Barn is a clothing store that Caitlin frequently shops at and is implied to be downmarket from Albatross & Finch. The store always has an upbeat tune playing on its radio and is one of the more frequent settings seen in the show due to it being Nikki's workplace for almost the entirety of the stores run (with exceptions being when Nikki was fired in "Welcome to the Darth Side" and when she quit in "Quit It").

The Khaki Barn is a proponent of conformity through fashion. The store's slogan is "The Khaki Barn: Where Individuality is Highly Overrated." This is one of the things that most rankles Nikki about the store, since its values are in direct opposition to Nikki's individualistic personality. The store is loved by its other employees, who all dress alike and enjoy the Khaki Barn's conformity. However, it should be noted that in "Employee of the Month it was revealed that the Khaki Barn has brainwashing technology in its employee lounges designed to make employees conform, and such technology may have been used to make the Clones into the bastions of conformity that they usually appear as.

Because Nikki doesn't like working at the Khaki Barn, she has given it derogatory nicknames. Nikki often refers to it as the "Crappy Barn" or as the "Tacky Barn." Robbie Garcia has also given the Khaki Barn the nickname of the "Cracky Barn," which he used to answer the phone at the store in "A Crime of Fashion." However, the title generally used as a nickname for the store when it's referred to in a non-derogatory fashion is simply "The Barn."

In "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2", Nikki publicly decries the store's philosophy of conformity before both her coworkers and its customers, telling off the Clones for the ideas they promote before finally quitting the Khaki Barn for good.


  • In her debut episode, Jen's older sister, Courtney, mentions being a former Khaki Barn-employee.
  • The store's greeting when somebody enters is "Welcome to the Khaki Barn!" while the farewell for when somebody leaves is "Have a Khaki day!"
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