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Left to Right: Nikki, Jonesy, Caitlin, Jude, Jen, and Wyatt

The Gang is the primary group in the animated series 6teen, who has appeared in the entirety of the show. The group consists of schoolmates Nikki Wong, Jonesy Garcia, Jen Masterson, Wyatt Williams, Jude Lizowski, and later, Caitlin Cooke, who are all working inside the Galleria Mall, while also doing things that teenagers like them typically do inside the mall.


They were originally five members: Nikki, Jonesy, Jen, Wyatt, and Jude, who were initially just hanging at the mall as usual, except for Jen herself, who already had a job prior to getting one at The Penalty Box. Caitlin came in later and joined the group as the sixth member, after she was forced to get a job as insisited by her father for using up the entirety of his credit card. Eventually, she got one with the help of Jen, who gave to the former her old job at The Big Squeeze (despite being initially reluctant about it because of the lemon hat she has to wear during work) ("Take This Job and Squeeze It"). The others did, as well (while being their first ones, too):

  • Jude got one at Stick It with the help of Jonesy's lying technique.
  • Jonesy got one at The Soda Hop, before he got immediately fired after 10 minutes in there for hitting on the boss' daughter (who is also a hostess there).
  • Wyatt got one at Spin This, although he was assigned on the country music section (a music genre he personally despises).
  • Nikki got one at The Khaki Barn, much to her reluctance and embarassement from it in front of her friends.

The gang also has each member having continuing romantic relationships throughout the show: Wyatt had Serena, and later Marlowe, Jude had Starr, Caitlin had Talon, Jen had Charlie Dobbs, and later Travis Gibson, and Nikki had Stone. However, perhaps the biggest among them would have to be with Jonesy and Nikki together, who has the longest relationship coming from anyone in the gang itself, which all started with Jonesy teasing Nikki to be his boyfriend while working at the Khaki Barn with her ("Clonesy"). They initially ended it after having personal troubles with their relationship anniversary gifts ("Unhappy Anniversary"), but later reconciled when Jonesy eventually chose Nikki to be his date at their school's winter dance ("Snow Job").

Later in the show, Nikki announced that she will be moving away with her family to Iqaluit, as her father got a newepaway" party to celebrate with her one last time. For a brief moment, her parents decided to cancel the move after seeing their daughter and her friends having a heartwarming moment together, which the gang felt happy about it, but Nikki's conscientious observance of her father losing his new job made her change her own mind instead by accepting the move, to which her fellow gang members has also accepted her mature decision. Once Nikki's moving, she and Jonesy also finally broke up. However, a phone call with her while she's in an airplaine has them getting back together again, reconciling their relationship once more, and reviving the joy the whole gang had lost before ("Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2").


  • The gang itself is also known to be simply referred to as "the main six".
  • Every member of the gang has been out of their jobs in one way or another:
    • Jen: She resigned from The Big Squeeze because she got a new job at The Penalty Box, where she would subsequently give her old job to Caitlin ("Take This Job and Squeeze It").
    • Caitlin:
      • The Big Squeeze: She went out of her job there (albeit briefly) after she finally fulfilled her (now rejected) goal of using her father's credit card again by paying him back after she used it all up ("Losing Your Lemon").
      • Chocoholics Anonymous: She wan't seen being out of her job from there. However, she may have quit either because she had attained her goal of buying the sparkly jeans from Hunnington's, or because her excessive consumption of chocolate made her gain a significant amount of weight, which affected her body shape ("Girlie Boys").
    • Nikki:
      • Khaki Barn: She has been out of her job from there numerous times:
        • Was angrily fired by Chrissy for exposing her boss' (now not-so) secret Star Wars fandom to others ("Welcome to the Darth Side").
        • Quits the store angered from being falsely suspected by the Clones for shoplifting there ("The Wedding Destroyers").
        • Furiously quits her job at the store as she was mad about the punishment she got for not helping the Clones during it's "biggest sale of the year" ("Quit It").
        • Gets the chance to make her final moment in the store by proudly citing a speech about it's faulty philosophy (as she was moving away at that time), and finally declaring that she has quit her job in there ("Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2").
      • Stereo Shack: Her lackluster performance in the store (as well as losing feelings for her because of Julie) caused her to be fired by Darth ("Welcome to the Darth Side").
      • Counter Measures: She got fired by Monty after she accidentally poured in a huge amount of her boss' laxative tea in one of her pumpkin muffin recipes, which resulted in the consumers of those muffins (including her own self) to experience continuous bowel movements ("Quit It").
    • Wyatt:
      • Spin This: He was fired by Serena after his reckless behavior (from being dumped by her for Chad) inside the store bothered everyone else there (including her) and embarassed her in front of the customers ("Going Underground").
      • Underground Video: He got fired after he accidentally spilled coffee on Samurai Space Warriors, a movie that Wayne loved very much ("A Ding from Down Under").
    • Jude:
      • Stick It: He lost his job there for its lack of proper maintenance, which was first evidenced when he accidentally served Blade a kebab with a cockroach in it, causing the stand to require health inspection, and was subsequently declared for it to be shut down in the process ("Going Underground")
      • Underground Video: He suddenly got out from his job in that store without any expanation. However, he could have quit just so he could work at Burger McFlipster's just for the fries ("Over Exposed").
      • Burger McFlipster's: Like his previous one, he wasn't shown being out of his job there. However, he may have quit after he ate a lot of fries from that restaurant.
      • Galleria Mall Ice Rink: After he accidentally left the parking brake loose from the Zamboni and leaving Emma Jr. on the vehicle, this abruptly caused it, while with her on it, to wreak havoc in the mall, leading him to be accused of leaving a minor in danger, and subsequently dismissing him from his job for it ("6 Teens and A Baby").
    • Jonesy: He has a laundry list of jobs that he got out from for various reasons throughout the show,
  • Judging from what is mentioned above, the males of the gang have been out of their jobs more than the females do, especially Jonesy (who is known for not keeping a single job for a long time in almost every episode).
  • Each member has a codename given by Ron while he is explaining them to his (now fired) assistant, Kai ("The New Guy"):
    • Nikki: Nose Ring (In reference to her punk style, in which she is seen wearing facial piercings.)
    • Wyatt: Coffee Pot (Derived from his known addiction of drinking coffee a lot.)
    • Jen: Gym Sock (Because of the fact that she loves sports very much.)
    • Caitlin: Cupcake (She may be seen as "sweet" on the surface, but she can also be suspicious.)
    • Jude: Hang Ten (He has that stereotypical "surfer" attitude he's known to display, even though he's a skilled skater.)
    • Jonesy: Maverick (Notoriously known to often break almost every rule inside the mall deliberately.)
  • So far, Jude and Nikki are the only ones in the group who have appeared in Total DramaRama (although Jude is part of the main cast, and Nikki only appeared as a cameo).
  • Caitlin's and Wyatt's voice actors are the only ones who haven't been involved in the Total Drama franchise (including the aforementioned Total DramaRama).
  • Jude and Caitlin are the only ones in the group who are regularly seen wearing hats throughout the show (even though in Caitlin's case, she wears hers as part of her uniform for her job at The Big Squeeze).