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[Wyatt is shelving CDs at Spin This. Jude comes up to him, eating a taco.]
Jude: "Dude, whatcha stockin'?"
Wyatt: [reading a CD's back] "A sonic, whirling assault, lashing the ear with its wailing, teenage angst-driven fury."
Jude: "Whoa. Is that good?"
Wyatt: "Who knows? I'm too scared to listen to it."
Serena: "Hey Wyatt–" [Wyatt drops the cases, shocked.] "–what's the name of that new album that you were playing last night?"
Wyatt: "Back Off My Chow. By DawgToy."
Serena: "Oh, right. Thanks. No tacos allowed in the store, Jude." [Jude quickly shoves the taco into his mouth.]
Jude: "What taco?"
Serena: [chuckling] "Nice. Very nice."
[Wyatt smiles as she leaves and bends down to pick up the dropped cases.]
Jude: "Dude, are you all right?"
Wyatt: "Of–of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?"
Jude: "Every time that Serena chick shows up, you do something stupid."
Wyatt: "I do not."
Serena: [coming back with a CD] "Hey, I found it."
[Wyatt drops the cases. Serena leaves again.]
Jude: "Like that?"
Wyatt: "Alright, so, I really like her. I mean, you know, we've gone out for coffee a couple times, and then there was Valentine's Day...but she's a year older than me."
Jude: "Dude, what are you waiting for? Go and ask her out again."
Wyatt: "I dunno. Maybe those were like pity dates. Not even dates, more like pity coffee! I think she's way out of my league!"
Jude: "Dude, you're wigging out. You've just gotta show her you can be mature and refined too."
Wyatt: "This coming from a guy who threw up in his girlfriend's mouth."
[The smile drops off of Jude's face.]

The opening credits roll.
The title of this episode is
The (Almost) Graduate

[Caitlin is at the Big Squeeze, talking on the phone. She looks happy.]
Caitlin: "No way! Duh! I am so there! Are you crazy? It's only the opportunity of a lifetime! Later!" [She finishes her call. Jonesy walks up.] "Hey! I have the best news! You are looking at the soon-to-be newest Greeter Goddess at Albatross & Finch!"
Jonesy: "Nice! So they hired you."
Caitlin: "Oh no, not yet. You have to go through a very rigorous interview process. It starts today."
Jonesy: "Aren't the staff there a bit stuck up?"
Caitlin: "Sure, but wouldn't you be? It's like the best job in the mall."
Jonesy: [considering] "Really? Well, as long as you're still schlepping lemons, slide me a large swirly."
Caitlin: "You only order those when you get fired or dumped."
Jonesy: "I got fired from Engrave This. 'Cause my spelling sucks! Did you know there was a t in Christmas?"
Caitlin: "Um...yeah."
Jonesy: "Maybe I should come try out too. Now that I'm out of a job. Again."
Caitlin: "No offense, but I don't think you're Albatross & Finch material."
Jonesy: "Says who?"
Caitlin: "The Greeter Gods are like a secret society. They almost never let in outside members. Only legacies."
Jonesy: "Okay, what's a legacy, and why aren't I one?"
Caitlin: "It means the jobs are handed down generation to generation based on the presumption that coolness is in the genes."
Jonesy: "That's it? Well look no further, people, ain't nothin' but coolness in these jeans!"
Caitlin: [sighing and rolling her eyes] "Okay, fine. Come if you want to. See you out front in an hour."
Jonesy: [licking a finger and pressing it against his pants] "Sss. Oh yeah."

[Nikki walks into the Penalty Box, where Jen is busy stocking shoes.]
Nikki: "Hey, what's up?"
Jen: "Hey. On your break?"
Nikki: "No, just bored."
Jen: [sighing] "Me too."
Nikki: [getting an idea] "Hey. Wanna mess with Coach Halder?"
Jen: "Definitely."

[Stuart Goldstein has tried out some baseball gloves.]
Coach Halder: "So, what's it gonna be, sport?"
Stuart Goldstein: "Well, the leather is quite nice to the touch, but then the plastic one is cheaper."
Coach Halder: [pressuring him] "Well, you've got five seconds on the clock to make that call. Step up to the plate, mister, throw the pass, ta–"
[Coach Halder taps the cash register, and it opens. A fake spider pops out. Coach Halder and Stuart scream like little girls at the sight. Jen and Nikki, watching from behind a display, giggle at their reaction.]
Jen: "That was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Did you hear him scream?"
Nikki: "Like a little girl!" [They laugh.]
Jen: "Got any more ideas?"
Nikki: "Are you kidding? Okay, I'm gonna need a fishing pole, a dollar bill, and some fifty-pound line."

[Jonesy enters Spin This, passing two girls on the way in.]
Jonesy: "Ladies."
Jude: [calling to him loudly] "Hey, Jonesy! Wyatt wants to ask Serena out, but he's scared because she's way too mature for him!"
Jonesy: "Dude, just take control of the situation. Show her you're a man."
Wyatt: "You don't get it. Every time I try to talk to her I–"
Jonesy: "Turn into a wuss?"
Wyatt: [lowering his gaze] "Something like that."
Jonesy: "Alright, I've had enough of this." [loudly] "Hey Serena, could you come over here for a minute?"
[Serena hears and heads over. Jonesy pulls Jude behind a stack.]
Jude: "Hey!"
Wyatt: "What are you doing?"
Jonesy: "Here she comes. Don't. Blow it."
Serena: "Did you call me, Wyatt?"
Wyatt: "I, uh, I–"
Serena: "Is something wrong, Wyatt?"
Wyatt: "I–wanted to talk to you because–I–I, uh, really like you."
[Jonesy and Jude slap their foreheads in disbelief.]
Jonesy: "Aw man, he blew it!"
Jude: "Totally choked."
Serena: "I like you too, Wyatt."
Wyatt: "Really? Well, now that we've been out a few times, I just wondered, if uh..."
Jonesy: [whispering to himself] "Go in for the kill!"
Jude: [to himself] "Do it, dude."
Wyatt: "I was wondering if you'd consider maybe, uh, being–"
Serena: "Being?"
Wyatt: [blurting it out] "Boyfriend and girlfriend. With me."
Serena: "Wyatt, I really like you, but–"
Jonesy and Jude: "Ough!"
Serena: "–I'm kind of older than you."
Wyatt: "Only by a year."
Serena: "I'm practically in college. I only have eight credits to go."
Wyatt: "I'm going to college too. One day."
Serena: "I just think I'm out of my high-school-boy phase. I need a more mature guy who can understand my needs. You know? I'm sorry. Can we just be friends?"
Wyatt: "Sure. That's cool."
[Serena walks off. Jonesy and Jude come back out.]
Jonesy: "Well that sucked."
Jude: "Crashed and burned, huh dude?"
Wyatt: "That would sum it up, yeah."
Jonesy: "Dude, that was pathetic! 'Would you maybe consider waa waa waa?' You've gotta sell what you've got."
Jude: "Yeah, dude, you've got a good package."
Wyatt: "I think you mean I've got the whole package." [He sighs.] "What's the use?"
Jonesy: "Well if you're giving up on this hottie, I feel it's my duty to take my shottie." [He swaggers off.]
Wyatt: [sarcastic] "The poet laureate speaks."
Jonesy: [approaching Serena] "Hey babe."
Serena: "Yes?"
Jonesy: "I understand a mature woman like yourself would seek someone more refined. But you have so much to offer a young guy such as myself."
Serena: "Oh really."
Jonesy: "Think of it! You could help nurture an unformed soul."
Serena: [sarcastic] "Oh, nurturing. Yes, that's what I wanted to do Saturday night."
Jonesy: "Why would you want some over-the-hill frat boy when you could have an adoring young stud on your arm who's at your beck and call every Saturday night?"
[Wyatt watches, shellshocked. Jude notices and puts his hand in front of Wyatt's eyes.]
Jude: "Look away, dude. Just look away."
Serena: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're actually making sense."
Jonesy: "Think of us as eager little puppies. We're easily trainable."
Serena: "That's true."
Jonesy: "So, are we on tonight, shorty?"
[Serena rolls her eyes and walks towards Wyatt.]
Serena: "Wyatt? I've changed my mind about us. Meet me after our shift, and we'll give it a shot, okay?"
Wyatt: [after she leaves] "Oh, yeah. Who's the man, huh?" [He begins dancing.]
Jonesy: [shrugging it off] "Cool, dude. She wasn't my type, anyway."
Jude: "Yeah, I think she digs smart guys."
Jonesy: "Hey!"

[Caitlin is waiting outside A&F. Jonesy arrives.]
Caitlin: "Finally! Where have you been?"
Jonesy: "Scoring Wyatt a date, then the hot dog stand." [He scarfs the sausage, dripping mustard on his shirt.] "Ready?" [He notices the mustard.] "Oh! Gotcha." [He licks it off and enters the store.]
Caitlin: [looking around] "This is so huge. By tomorrow, I could be just like them!"
Jonesy: "What, bored?"
Caitlin: "No, beautiful! And popular!"
Jonesy: [looking at a jacket] "These clothes look like someone else already wore them."
Caitlin: "Yeah, that's the idea? They're vintage wash."
Jonesy: "Well excuse me. Just seems kinda dumb."
Caitlin: "Ssh!"
Jonesy: "If I wanted used clothes, I'd–"
Caitlin: "Would you shut up? Let's just get to the auditions!"
Jonesy: [following her unhappily, mocking her] "Let's just get to the auditions!"

[At the auditions is a long line.]
Carson: [to someone] "Your abs are ripped, dude!"
[A Greeter God unhooks the velvet rope at the front.]
Blonde Greeter God: "You're up."
Darth: "This is it." [He walks out to be judged.]
Jonesy: "Hey, good luck, dude!" [aside] "I hope he takes rejection well."
Caitlin: "Okay. I've been working on my facial expressions. The bored smirk." [She demonstrates.] "The aloof stare." [She demonstrates.]
Jonesy: "Whoa! I felt that one."
Caitlin: "Totally. And how about 'the hoodies are in the back' sneer?" [She demonstrates.]
Jonesy: "I don't get what the big deal is. I mean, it's just a store."
[The line gasps in shock and horror.]
Caitlin: [covering] "He suffered a concussion recently! Skiing at Whistler."
[The crowd relaxes, accepting the excuse.]
Jonesy: "Okay, that was creepy." [Caitlin lightly slaps his body.] "Ow!"
Caitlin: "Do not blow this for me!"
Jonesy: "Hey, I've got a few expressions up my sleeve, sweetheart. Check out my 'I'm hotter than you' stare."
Caitlin: "It looks like you have to go to the bathroom."
Jonesy: "Yeah, I kinda do."

[Nikki and Jen sit in the penalty box on a twenty minute penalty.]
Jen: "Nice going. I could have gotten in here without your help, you know."
Nikki: "It was a foolproof plan! How was I supposed to know he was so cheap he'd follow a dollar bill right into a climbing wall?"
Jen: "Yeah, well I'm going to be on probation for the rest of my life."
Nikki: [thinking] "Huh. I wonder how they remove a fishhook from a nose anyway."

[Ron is dragging Darth out of the store.]
Darth: "No, you don't understand! I'm a people person, a people person!"
Ron: [dragging him out] "Please...have a little dignity, son."
[The Greeter God unhooks the rope and lets Caitlin and Jonesy go in.]
Jonesy: "Gee thanks."
[They head behind a wall. A spotlight shines on them. The two are in front of a panel of three judges.]
Caitlin: [after a pause] "Okay, I so want to work here!"
Greeter God: "Yeah, we got that? Why?"
Caitlin: "If you have to work retail, Albatross & Finch is like the only socially acceptable store. The '94 Spring catalog changed my life."
[The redhead judge whispers into the blonde's ear. Jonesy is picking lint out of his belly button.]
Caitlin: "I have all of the required facial expressions. Don't ask me because I don't care." [She demonstrates.] "You'd look fat in anything." [She shows it off.] "I could go in the back and check but, I won't." [Look.]
Blonde Greeter God: [to Jonesy] "So, how about you?"
Jonesy: "Just got fired. Didn't have anything better to do."
Greeter Gods and Goddesses: "Hmm..."
Jonesy: "Hey, is this gonna take much longer?"
[The redhead whispers into the blonde's ear again.]
Blonde Greeter God: "That's it, wait outside."
Caitlin: [whispering angrily] "What was that? Ugh! I just hope they don't hold you against me!"

[The interviews have finished.]
Blonde Greeter God: "Okay, I'm gonna call out the names of our new Greeter Gods. If you don't hear your name, it basically means you're not cool enough." [Caitlin crosses her fingers.] "Jonesy."
[The crowd gasps.]
Caitlin: "What?"
Jonesy: "Who, me? Why?"
Blonde Greeter God: "Well, you have that detached self-involved egotism that Albatross & Finch stands for."
Jonesy: "Thanks. I guess."
Red-haired Greeter Goddess: [dragging him in] "Welcome to our crew."
Blonde Greeter God: "Okay, that's it."
[The crowd gasps.]
Caitlin: "That's it? No, wait! I love this place I live for this place! Can I at least come on the annual ski trip?"
Red-haired Greeter Goddess: "I can't watch."
Jonesy: "She really wanted this job."
Blonde Greeter God: "Everyone wants this job. C'mon, let's get you into training."
[The Greeter Gods and Goddesses move away.]
Caitlin: "No, wait! I belong here, I do!"
Darth: [coming up to her] "I feel your pain, sister. I feel your pain."
[Caitlin begins to cry at the knowledge that, aesthetically, she's in the same coolness category as Darth.]

[Wyatt walks through the mall with Jen and Nikki.]
Wyatt: "So how do I impress her? I mean, she's mature and I'm just–not."
Nikki: "Don't sweat it."
Jen: "Yeah. Of the six of us, you're like...the third most mature."
Wyatt: "Wait. Who's more mature than me?"
Jen: "Well, Nikki. Except for today."
Nikki: "Thank you."
Jen: "And me."
Wyatt: "You are not more mature!"
Jen: "Am so!"
Wyatt: "Are not!"
Jen: "Am so! Nikki, tell him I'm more mature!"
Nikki: [sarcastic] "Gee, you both make such convincing arguments."
Wyatt: "Okay. I need some relationship advice."
Nikki: "Hmm. Caitlin reads all those magazines. Maybe she can help you."
Wyatt: "Yes, that's good. C'mon."

[Caitlin is hiding in the closed lemon. Jude is trying to cheer her up.]
Jude: "I hear ya, bra. But you're not a loser. Take a couple of deep breaths. There. Now don't you feel better?"
[Jude hugs the store. Jen, Wyatt, and Nikki walk up and look shocked to see this.]
Jen: "Guys, I think he's finally lost it."
Jude: [patting the stand] "I still think you're cool."
Nikki: "Uh, Jude, what are you doing?"
Jude: "Caitlin locked herself inside the lemon and she won't come out."
Jen: [worried] "Caitlin? Are you okay?"
Caitlin: [tearful] "Go away!"
Nikki: "What's the matter?"
Caitlin: [sniffling] "Jonesy got hired at Albatross & Finch and I didn't! It's so unfair! He'll be going on Cargo Encounter weekend! Folding seminars at camp, parties at cabins on the lake, and I won't!"
Jen: "Oh don't cry, Caitlin. I've heard those parties aren't even that fun."
Caitlin: "Have you seen the catwalks? Jude, show them!" [She begins wailing.]
Jude: [picking up a catalog] "It does look kinda cool. 'Cept for people who work at a clothing store, they sure don't pack many clothes."
Nikki: "Caitlin, please come out. People are starting to stare." [confronting the bystanders] "Oh, what, and you've never talked to big giant fruit before?"
[The bystanders quickly scatter.]
Caitlin: "I'm not coming out."
Wyatt: "Okay, I know you're bummed, but I need your help with a relationship problem. I'm desperate!"
[Caitlin lifts the top half of the lemon a few inches.]
Caitlin: "What kind of relationship problem?"
Wyatt: "She's an older woman, and I need to learn to act mature."
Caitlin: "And I'm the only person in the whole world who could help you?"
Wyatt: "Look who I have to choose from."
Jen: "Hey!" [She smacks him with the rolled-up catalog.]
[Caitlin opens the lemon fully. The four are all shocked by her disheveled appearance.]
Wyatt, Jen, Nikki, and Jude: "Ooh!"
Caitlin: "I guess I could help then."
Wyatt: "Thank you."
Jen: "You might want to fix yourself up a bit."
Caitlin: [touching her ruined mascara] "Oh I'm hideous, aren't I?"
Jen, Jude, Caitlin, and Wyatt: "Oh, no no no."
Jude: "Totally babealicious."
Caitlin: "Really? Okay. Thanks guys."

[Caitlin and Wyatt are hiding in some bushes.]
Wyatt: "Why are we hiding in these bushes?"
Caitlin: "To watch how mature couples behave in their natural habitat. Observe." [An adult couple walks by.] "A mature man never holds hands. He puts his arm protectively around his partner in a mating stance that says 'I'm mature and ready to commit to this woman'."
Wyatt: "Arm around her waist. Got it."
Jude: [skating by, doing a handstand on his skateboard] "WHA-HA-HA-HA!!!"
[Jude slams into a trash bin and falls in. He looks out into the faces of the mature couple.]
Jude: "Dude."
[The man rolls his eyes, and they walk off.]
Caitlin: "Note that the mature male is more calm and confident, not prone to displays of plumage or loud outbursts."
Wyatt: "The mature male seems a bit boring."
Caitlin: "Not to the mature female!" [The man's girlfriend kisses him.] "See how she rewards him with signs of her affection?"
Wyatt: [interested again] "Hmm."

[The two have moved on to having lunch at Super Terrific Happy Sushi. Wyatt and Caitlin are still in bushes.]
Wyatt: "This is getting boring. They haven't talked in half an hour."
Caitlin: "Mature couples are comfortable with silence. What did you notice about the mature male's order?"
Wyatt: "Uh...it arrived promptly?"
Caitlin: "No. The mature male orders mature food. No french fries, a salad. The more strange the salad, the more mature it is."
Wyatt: "So...a green salad?"
Caitlin: "Not that mature."
Wyatt: "Sun-dried tomato and goat cheese?"
Caitlin: "Mature. The mature male pays the bill and doesn't complain about it."
Wyatt: "Being mature is expensive then."
Caitlin: "Do you want Serena to go for you or not?"
Wyatt: "Okay, okay!" [They look back at the restaurant.]
Caitlin: "Where did they go?"
Wyatt: "I don't know!"
[The mature male clears his throat. The couple are right behind them.]
Mature Female: "You're freaking us out."
Caitlin and Wyatt: "Sorry."
[The couple leave. Wyatt gets out of the bushes and checks the time on his phone.]
Wyatt: "I gotta go. Serena's about to come off shift."
Caitlin: "I've given you all the tools you need. You're ready!"
Wyatt: "Thanks Caitlin. Wish me luck!"
Caitlin: "Luck!" [to herself] "Boy, I'm good." [Nikki, Jude, and Jen come up behind her.]
Jude: "So, did helping Wyatt take your mind off of Albatross & Finch?"
[Jen and Nikki gape at Jude's stupidity. Caitlin begins to weep again and runs off. Jen and Nikki look at Jude angrily.]
Nikki: "Nice."

[Jonesy is working. Two girls pass him.]
Jonesy: "Oh, yeah. This job rocks."
Carson: [approaching him] "Those pants are so cool!"
Jonesy: "Pulverized Low-Slung Camping Shorts. Sizes 30 through 38, back of the store."
Carson: "Thanks, dude!" [He heads off to get a pair.]
Jonesy: "I am so good at this!"
Blonde Greeter God: [coming up to him] "Yo, new guy. It's our policy to ignore customers outright."
Jonesy: "How will they find what they're looking for?"
Blonde Greeter God: [walking off] "That's not our problem."
Jonesy: "This place is so stupid." [Jill walks past.] "Then again..."

[Wyatt is at El Sporto's with Serena. The table is shrouded in silence.]
Serena: "Is something wrong, Wyatt?"
Wyatt: "No. Why?"
Serena: "You haven't said a word since we met at the record store."
Wyatt: "I'm comfortable with silence."
Serena: "Okay then."
Waitress: [skating up] "Can I take your order?"
Wyatt: "Do you have a goat-cheese salad?"
Waitress: "Goat's cheese?"
Wyatt: "Uh...I'll have a green salad."
Waitress: "Right. And to drink?"
Wyatt: "Can I have a margarita?"
Waitress: "Can I see some ID?"
Wyatt: "Uh..."
Waitress: "Virgin margarita coming right up. For you?"
Serena: "A hot dog and fries, please."
Wyatt: "Uh..."
Waitress: "Got it." [calling to the kitchen] "One hot dog and fries, and a salad for the fancy boy!"
[Wyatt grins nervously.]

[Wyatt and Serena are at the movies watching a somewhat immature show.]
Wyatt: "Just so you know, I wanted to take you to see that new political documentary."
Serena: "That's cool." [She laughs at an event onscreen.]
[Wyatt leaves his seat and walks to the side of the theater. He calls someone.]
Jonesy: "Hey there!"
Wyatt: "You've gotta help me, man! I'm with Serena and I can't do anything right!"
Jonesy: "Dude–"
Movie: "Dude, we've got four hundred seniors in the pool. What could go wrong?"
Jonesy: [hearing the dialogue] "Is that Jerry and Pete Get Busted? I love that movie!"
Wyatt: "That's my point! Caitlin tried to show me how to act mature, but it's not working!"
Movie: "Dude, put your pants on, or we'll get busted!"
[Jonesy chuckles on the other end, remembering the scene.]
Wyatt: "I'll bet she's so sorry she went out with me right now."
[Serena is laughing.]
Serena: "This is just like the seniors' party last year, remember?" [She notices Wyatt has left.] "Wyatt?"
Jonesy: "Dude, girls don't know what girls want."
Wyatt: "That sounds so ridiculous that I'm tempted to believe you."
Jonesy: "Believe it. All women, young and old, want a man to tell them what they want to hear."
Wyatt: "Quick, give me one of your best lines."
[Jonesy whispers into the phone. In the background, Caitlin walks through the store.]
Wyatt: "I can't say that!"
Jonesy: "Gotta go. Good luck, buddy." [He hangs up.]
Wyatt: [panicked] "Jonesy? Jonesy?"
Serena: [coming up behind him] "Wyatt, are you okay?"
Wyatt: "Baby...uh, you may be older than me, but, I'm the Discovery channel, and you just got cable."
Serena: [chuckling] "What's with you today?"
Usher: "Dude, if you're gonna use cheesy lines like that, can you at least take it outside?"

[Wyatt and Serena walk through the Gigantoplex lobby.]
Wyatt: "Oh, man, I must be desperate to impress you if I'm stumped into Jonesy's lines."
Serena: "You mean that's why you've been putting on this act the whole night?"
Wyatt: "Well, you're so mature, and together, and beautiful, and I really wanted this date to work out."
Serena: "You know, I like your lines a lot better, Wyatt."
Wyatt: "So...what now?"
Serena: "I have a great idea. C'mon." [She pulls Wyatt after her.]

[Caitlin creeps through Albatross & Finch, selecting clothes.]
Jill: [confronting her] "What are you doing?"
[Caitlin, surprised, drops the clothes.]
Caitlin: "Nothing! Just buying some clothes–"
Jill: [picking them up] "Hey. Only the Greeter Goddesses get to purchase this combination of tube top and cargo skirt."
Jonesy: [spotting them] "Hmm..."
Caitlin: "But–"
Jonesy: [quietly, to himself] "I can't believe this."
Red-haired Greeter Goddess: [walking up] "Was she trying to buy our uniform?"
Jill: "Yeah. How sad is that? We don't let just anybody dress like us."
Caitlin: "Aw, please please please?"
Jonesy: [angry] "That's it, I've had enough of these Greeter Snobs for one day! Time to shake this place up a bit."
Jill: [belittling Caitlin] "We're beautiful. We are the chosen ones. We're–" [A noise distracts her.] "Oh, okay. What is that–"
[Jill stops midsentence and stares. Jonesy is perched atop a stack, acting like the models in the A&F catalog.]
Jonesy: "Nobody makes fun of my girl!" [He slings a tube top into the redhead's face.]
[A crowd of teens has gathered to watch the show. They cheer and laugh at the stuck-up goddess.]
Blonde Greeter God: [rushing up] "What are you doing?"
Jonesy: "Just acting like the guys in your catalog, bro, trying to support the team." [He drops his pants.]
Blonde Greeter God: "Dude, you are so fired."
Jonesy: "And you are way too lame for us to hang out with." [He hops off the stand.]
Caitlin: "Yeah!"
Jonesy: "C'mon, Caitlin, let's blow this chicken coop."
[The two leave, cheered on by the crowd, who are glad to see the mighty A&F employees get taken down a notch.]
Caitlin: "Um, you can put your cargos back on now."

Caitlin: [recounting how Jonesy got fired] "And then he mooned the entire store!"
Jude: "Cool."
Nikki: "Once again, you've managed to sneak up and impress me. And you did it by mooning people! Go figure."
Jonesy: "Hey, when you've got a rear view this good, you can't hide it forever."
Nikki: "And then you go and blow it again."
Wyatt: [walking up hand-in-hand with Serena] "Hey guys."
Jen, Jonesy, and Caitlin: "Hi!"
Jude: "Hey dude."
Nikki: "Hey guys."
Serena: "We just rode the Vomit Comet 11 times!"
Wyatt: "It was such a blast! I felt like a little kid again!"
Serena: "Again? Huh? Nice try, junior!" [She playfully shoves Wyatt.]
Wyatt: "Hey! You're only one year older!"
Serena: "A year and a half!" [She grabs him.]
Wyatt: [slipping from her grasp] "Whoop! Missed me!" [He and Serena laugh. Wyatt runs away.]
Serena: "Yeah, you better run!" [She gives chase, still laughing.]
Jude: "Real mature, dude."

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