Tattoo Muscle Guy
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
The Tattoo Muscle Guy is a large, intimidating, muscular man with large tattoos on both of his arms. He has been shown to work as a tattoo artist in the mall's tattoo parlor and is often seen wandering around the mall. However, despite working mainly as a tattoo artist, the Tattoo Muscle Guy has also been seen moonlighting as a bouncer or bodyguard.

He has been seen working as a tattoo artist in two episodes: "One Quiet Day" and "Welcome to the Darth Side." In "One Quiet Day," he was the tattoo artist at the tattoo parlor where Wyatt and Nikki planned to get tattoos. He would have given Nikki a bulldog tattoo and Wyatt a sixteenth-note tattoo; however, Wyatt was the only one who went through with getting a tattoo, so it can be assumed that his tattoo was done by Tattoo Muscle Guy. In "Welcome to the Darth Side," he didn't give anyone a tattoo, but interviews Nikki when she applies for a job at the tattoo parlor and ostensibly refuses to hire her due to her lack of experience with drawing tattoos.

The Tattoo Muscle Guy has also been seen working as a bouncer on occasion. In "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!" he is put in charge of guarding the doors of Club X-S. He was able to keep teens without IDs out, but didn't see that the group's IDs were fake until Ron informed him of the teenagers' deception. He later appeared as a bouncer in "Role Reversal," where he guarded the Sadie Hawkins dance to make sure that no dateless guys could get in. In doing so, he kept Jonesy out of the dance, but allowed Wyatt and Jude in when Jude went in drag. However, when Jude's top fell off, the Tattoo Muscle Guy ejected Jude and Wyatt from the dance.

Aside from these two appearances, the Tattoo Muscle Guy is mainly seen as a background character walking around the mall. Two notable exceptions come in "Major Unfaithfulness" and "Over Exposed." In "Major Unfaithfulness," he is seen browsing in Underground Video when Jude throws a VHS cassette at his head, so in retaliation he punches Jude into unconsciousness and gives Jude a black eye. In "Over Exposed," he is seen with Liza Lomen, working as her bodyguard.


  • Tattoo Muscle Guy's only line came in "One Quiet Day." His line was "Is anyone getting a tattoo today?"
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