Tara Johansen
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Relationship Justin (broken up)
Jonesy Garcia (broken up)
First Appearance A Ding from Down Under
Last Appearance Snow Job
Voiced by Rachel Wilson
Tara Johansen is a pretty and popular teenage girl who attends the same high school as the rest of the group. According to Nikki, she is the apex of the high school food chain, and as such can be assumed to be the most popular girl in school. Her most prominent appearance came in "Snow Job," when she went out with Jonesy.

In "Snow Job," Tara was first seen skating at the ice rink while the gang was on the ice. There, Jonesy abandoned Nikki in order to talk to her, and managed to get Tara to recognize him from the school's hockey team. Later, she was seen standing by the fountain and talking to her boyfriend, Justin, on her cell phone while crying in a conversation that she later revealed consisted of Justin dumping her for Tricia. Jonesy spotted her here, and after Stanley shot her purse into the fountain, Jonesy recaptured the purse and asked Tara to the dance upon learning that she was single.

Tara accepted Jonesy's invitation, and they went to the dance together. However, while there Tara acted rude towards Jonesy, refusing to dance with him and commanding him to get punch. The last straw for Jonesy came when Darth made a grand entrance to the dance in order to proclaim his love for Julie and instead of applauding their love like the rest of the school was, Tara and her friend mocked Darth and Julie for being losers. Upon hearing this, Jonesy dumped Tara and (on Darth's advice) ended up getting back together with Nikki.

Besides appearing in "Snow Job," Tara also appeared in "A Ding from Down Under" and "Over Exposed." In "A Ding from Down Under," Jonesy hit on her while working at Burger McFlipster's, but only ended up making her leave due to his horrible singing voice. In "Over Exposed," she was part of Liza Lomen's entourage and never spoke.


  • Tara is apparently a talented ice skater.
  • Tara Johansen only appeared in Season 2.
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