Gender Male
Hair color Brownish red
Eye color Blue
Relationship Caitlin Cooke (broken up)
First Appearance Boo, Dude
Last Appearance Going Underground
Voiced by Colin O'Meara
Talon is a guy who had a brief relationship with Caitlin at the end of the first season. He was seen dating her in "Boo, Dude," "Dude of the Living Dead," and "Going Underground." Despite the fact that their relationship only lasted three episodes, Talon is notable for being one of Caitlin's longer-lasting boyfriends.

Talon first appears in "Boo, Dude." There, Caitlin reveals that she has a crush on him, and Talon reciprocates her feelings by inviting her to a Halloween monster movie marathon at the Gigantoplex. Caitlin gladly accepted, but assumed that everyone there would be in costume and showed up in a showgirl outfit she got from Jonesy only to receive mockery for dressing up. However, Talon stood up for his date and convinced the rest of the theater to dress up as well due to it being Halloween, and showed that he brought a costume but was afraid to wear it for fear of what Caitlin would think.

After their movie date, Caitlin and Talon were brought closer together by an incident that occurred in the loathesome washrooms involving a prank perpetrated by the rest of Caitlin's friends. Because of this prank, Talon and Caitlin began to date more heavily, and Talon appeared in the Season 1 finale, "Dude of the Living Dead." There, he and Caitlin went on another date, and when he was turned into a zombie Caitlin took to leading Talon around with mittens on his hands and tape over his mouth so that he couldn't bite her. Caitlin's love of her boyfriend went to such an extent that when Talon got locked out of Stereo Shack and his arm was severed, she began to carry Talon's arm around. Even though the episode was Jude's dream, this shows that Caitlin and Talon's relationship was getting more serious.

Talon's final appearance came in "Going Underground." There, Caitlin worries that Talon will break up with her due to the fact that she has been causing him injury repeatedly through being clumsy (in part because she becomes klutzy around guys she likes). Despite Caitlin's worries, Talon assures her that he does like her and that he wouldn't break up with her just because of some injuries she caused to him. However, Caitlin ends up breaking up with Talon when she learns that his idea of kissing is to lick her face.


  • Talon is one of the rare boyfriends Caitlin has had that has lasted for more than one episode.
  • Talon facial design is reused for the sales representative in "Wrestlemania," with the only difference between them being hair color.


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