Taj Mahome Video is a video store that opened at the Galleria Mall in "Going Underground." It competes directly with Underground Video. Two characters high in the hierarchy of the store are Blade and Christo, as although it is implied they are not the managers, they were put in charge of hiring employees when the store opened.

Jonesy and Jude both applied to work at Taj Mahome Video in "Going Underground," but were rejected, in Jonesy's case because Blade and Christo had already fired him from Things That Beep in "The Five Finger Discount" for petty theft, and Jude because he had served Blade a cockroach-infested stick-it earlier that day (which, incidentally, led to Stick It being shut down by the health department and Jude needing a new job).

Taj Mahome Video is regarded as one of the cooler stores at the mall to work at, as it allegedly has an employee-only theater and allows its employees to set their own hours. In addition to providing myriad benefits to its employees, Taj Mahome is also apparently the industry leader in video rentals (at least in Canada) in every genre except for indie films. This led Taj Mahome Video to purchase Underground Video in "Major Unfaithfulness" in an attempt to become the leader in indie rentals as well; however, Taj Mahome sold off their acquisition to Wayne after an open rebellion by the Underground employees led to Underground losing money at an incredibly fast clip.

Taj Mahome Video has a vaguely Indian theme in its stores. The official uniform is a black t-shirt and a golden turban, which its employees are always seen wearing. In addition to this, Taj Mahome has dancers posted around the store. The dancers are all attractive young women in colored veils, midriff-baring tops, and see-through skirts, and are often used by Taj Mahome Video for brand promotion.


  • The name is a portmanteau of the famous Muslim monument the Taj Mahal (located in India) and the phrase "home video."
  • In "A Crime of Fashion," a third employee named Ryan is mentioned by Caitlin.
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