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Stacey DePass

Stacey DePass is a Canadian voice actress who played the roles of Nikki, Julie and Stanley on the show 6teen. In addition to her roles on the show, she also has appeared in several other animated series.

Outside of 6teen, DePass' most prominent role was in Corn & Peg. There, she played Miss Sassy a horse that walks on high heels, who’s character personalities is similar to Nikki, except that she owned her own store.

another prominent role was in Ruby Gloom. There, she played Iris, the title characters adventurous cyclops friend. Iris was frequently the impetus for the stories, as she often got into sticky situations. This role lasted from 2006 to 2008 and covered the entire series run.

Stacey also took over the lead role of Sharon Spitz on the show Braceface after the former voice actress, Alicia Silverstone, gave up the role. She only held this role for the third and final season of the show and she previously voiced Carol in 2 episodes of Season 1. In addition to this, she had a role on Detentionaire as Jenny Jergens, a recurring character who became one of the lead characters in the final season.

Stacey DePass has also had roles on Undergrads (doing various voices), Stoked (as Martha McCartney, a character who only appeared in the first two episodes), and on What It's Like Being Alone (as Aldous, the oldest child in the orphanage). In addition to this, she has done some voice acting work in anime, with roles in Air Master, Spider Riders, Saint Seiya, and Power Stone.

In addition to work as a voice actor, Stacey Depass has also made some appearances on celluloid. These appearances are mainly bit parts, an example being a cameo in The Tuxedo, a movie in which fellow Teletoon voice actor Christian Potenza also appeared.

She currently lives in Toronto with her husband and fellow actor Jeremy Harris.

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