Smithy (left) and Jonesy (right)

Smithy is a guy in the mall who looks like a brown-haired version of Jonesy. He has had major appearances in only two episodes. In both of his appearances, his resemblance to Jonesy was a plot point.

Smithy first appeared in "Losing Your Lemon." There, he was one of the doppelgängers that Tricia stationed by the Big Squeeze to steal the group's usual table. He never spoke, but agreed with what his friends did, and was seen running away with his friends when Caitlin chased off the doppelgängers after retaking her job.

Smithy then reappeared in "The New Jonesy." There, he began dating Jen, who was oblivious to the resemblance between Smithy and Jonesy until she saw Jonesy wearing a brunette wig (due to a Zamboni accident caused by Jude) and kissed her stepbrother, thinking he was her date. After this happened, Jen was unable to continue going out with Smithy, as his appearance constantly reminded her of Jonesy and she was unable to kiss him as a result.

Eventually, Smithy broke up with her, as her neuroses about the similarities in appearance was putting too much strain on the relationship between him and Jen. After this, he soon began dating one of the aforementioned doppelgängers–specifically Jane, Jen's doppelgänger. Upon seeing this, Jen was surprised at how quickly Smithy appeared to have gotten over her, and didn't notice that his new girlfriend looked like her with a different hair color.


  • Despite looking a lot like Jonesy, having the same type of body language and movements, and sharing some characteristics of Jonesy's such as checking out girls and being a slob occasionally, Smithy apparently is different in many ways:
    • Smithy is stated to like to cook and to be good at it, while Jonesy cannot.
    • Smithy is apparently more sensitive than Jonesy, as he wrote Jen a love poem while they were dating.
  • Smithy is voiced by Terry McGurrin, who voices Jonesy; to produce the voice, he chooses Jonesy's voice and adds a slightly different tone.


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