The Salon Ladies with Jonesy.

The Salon/Spa Ladies are a group physically attractive women under the employment of the Fabris Salon and the mall spa, respectively. They are also seen under the employ of Fréderica, the European modelling agent who hired Jonesy for his neck. Because they are seen accompanying Jonesy in one episode and three look-alikes are seen working at the spa, it is possible that they work both places, although it is also likely that the production team reused designs in both episodes.

As Salon Ladies, they accompanied Fabris while he was giving away haircuts in "Major Unfaithfulness." They were his assistants, who mainly handed him various haircutting tools and escorted customers to the stage. After this, they reappeared in "The Hunted," where they accompanied Jonesy while he was becoming a neck model. There, they stood behind and with Jonesy, and appeared to be there mainly to make Jonesy look good. It is unknown whether they were hired by Fréderika or Jonesy; in all likelihood, Fréderika wanted them to escort Jonesy around, and Jonesy readily agreed to this upon seeing them.

Besides this, the Salon Ladies made a cameo in "A Ding from Down Under." After this, they were never seen again, although women who looked exactly like them appeared at the Galleria Mall Spa as spa employees. There, they worked as masseuses who gave the boys massages and giggled demurely when Jonesy complimented them.


  • The Salon Ladies wear tight red dresses, and the Spa Ladies dress in pink blouses.
  • Only one of the Salon Ladies has spoken. Incidentally, her name was given in "The Hunted" as "Veet," although this is only how Jonesy addressed her.
  • The main job of the Salon Ladies seems to be to look good and escort people around.
  • The Salon Ladies' last appearance was in "A Ding from Down Under," and the last appearance of the Spa Ladies came when one of them appeared in "Whoa, Baby."


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