Platform: Internet
Mode(s): Single player
Link: Yayoye

Pseudo-Ku is a game formerly located on the Teletoon website. It is based largely on the game of sudoku and features the characters of 6teen.


To play the game, the player has to play by the general rules of sudoku: each character's visage must appear once (and no more than once) in each row, each column, and each square. This game is played on a nine-by-nine grid composed of nine three-by-three squares.

Nine characters are featured. There is also a button that allows you to change to numerical form, for which the characters will instead appear as numbers. There are three levels: Easy, Normal, and Crazy. For the first level, eighteen pieces have been removed, and the player has to replace them. For the normal, thirty-six are gone. For the hardest one, fifty-four blocks have been removed from the game.

The same number of blocks are removed from each row. Even though a column and a square can vary in how many pieces are needed, each row will miss two in the case of Easy, four in the case of Normal, and six in the case of the hardest level.



The title card shows seven of the featured characters in front of the Big Squeeze. The gang is there, and Ron appears as well. He is the only one who is tilted onto his side, and also the most out of focus.


  • Eight of the nine characters featured are main characters. The exception is Tricia, as she doesn't appear as often as the others. In the episodes in which she does appear, however, her role is large.
  • The only non-teenagers featured are Coach Halder and Ron.
    • Both look out-of-focus on their blocks; Halder is far too pale, and Ron's image is blurred.
  • A sequel to this game was made featuring the zombies from Dude of the Living Dead. Only two of the characters in this game (Halder and Jen) appear in that version.


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