The Pre-teen Girls.

The Pre-teen Girls are a trio of pre-teen girls who are regulars at the mall. They're usually seen hanging out with each other or with other pre-teen kids. They are also known for being fangirlish about many things, such as with Wyatt in "Idol Time at the Mall," Jen in "The One with the Cold Sore," and Nikki in "Fashion Victims." The tall one with the braces has two color swaps (meaning she has been seen in two different sets of clothing).

The girls were first seen in "Idol Time at the Mall." There, they followed Wyatt around due to him being famous in the mall for his reworked song about his friends. After this, their next major sighting was in "A Ding from Down Under," where they were among the girls entranced by [[The Burger Bible|the songs Wyatt sang, while working at Burger McFlipster's. After this, they appeared in "The New Jonesy," where they were some of the customers who used Jude's Zamboni rides through the mall, and may have been fans of his Zamboni Dude persona. After this, they appear in "The One with the Cold Sore" and begin idolizing Jen for getting a supporting role in a movie being filmed at the mall. This idolization included them buying some of her personal belongings, which Jonesy was all too happy to purvey; however, in their next major appearance, they were fans of Nikki during Jonesy's "Team Jonesy/Team Nikki" fashion promotion and wore shirts proclaiming their fandom for her.

Despite usually being seen wandering around the mall in a group, there have been instances when they have been seen on their own. The curly-haired girl (in a color swap) is seen in "Waiting to Ex-Sale" when she reveals herself to be a fashionista and offers to buy Nikki's bloodstained but fashionable flip-flops (which Nikki gives her for free). The straight-haired medium height girl also appears on her own, in "Major Unfaithfulness" when Wyatt ruins movies for her at Underground Video and in "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 1" where she is seen presumably going on a date with another pre-teen boy at the Gigantoplex.


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