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Jonesy, Nikki, Jen and Catlin at the entrance to the store.

Pets and the City is a pet store in the Galleria Mall. It sells a variety of different types of pets, including birds, fish, bunnies, cats, and reptiles. The store also supplies items required for pet care such as food and collars.

It first appeared in the Season 2 finale Snow Job. There, Caitlin, in an attempt to show an interest in the hobbies of her current crush, Seth, went to the store because he worked there. Seeing that Seth was tending to a parrot, she lied that she had that same type of bird and needed to buy some food for it. Unfortunately for Caitlin, Seth had her hold the parrot while he went to get the food and it started to violently peck her on the head.

The store made its second, and most major appearance in All Pets Are Off as Jonesy's newest place of employment. Here, it was revealed that the store does not care for the pets in the discount section very well as they were shown to be either sick or dead. Hoping to impress her newest crush, Dyson who was a crusader for animal rights, Catlin asked Jonesy to sell her a pet. He produced a ferret, which he pretended was a purse dog and she bought it and named it Muffin. At the end of the episode, Jonsey was fired for putting the pet mice in the same cage as the snakes.

After this, Pets and the City made brief appearances in various episodes such as Love At Worst Sight in which Serena was seen admiring the store's bunnies or in The One with the Cold Sore where Catlin and Jude purchased a bunny as part of their shopping escapade.