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"Over Exposed"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The term "overexposed", which, in this case, means excessive publicity.
Season 2, Episode 50
Airdate: CAN: April 6, 2006
USA: Unaired
Directed by: Karen Lessmann
Written by: Alex Ganetakos
Story Editors: Jennifer Pertsch
Tom McGillis
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Over Exposed is the 50th episode of the series and the 23rd episode of the second season. It aired on April 6, 2006 in Canada and remains unaired in the United States.

When Jen and Jonesy get into a fight early in the morning over who will get to use the bathrooms first, Jen's towel ends up falling off, leaving her naked. This results in Jonesy and Jen not being able to be in the same space together without it being incredibly awkward, as Jonesy can't stop remembering Jen naked. Chrissy leaves the Khaki Barn for a job at the Soft Rock Café, and the Clones glom on to Nikki as their new leader. Jude becomes addicted to spicy fries that Wyatt's workplace serves, and gets a job at Burger McFlipster's in order to eat whatever fries have to be thrown out due to sitting under a heat lamp too long.


Main Plot

Jonesy has just awakened from a good night's sleep and is ready to relieve his bladder and start his day when he finds that the door to the bathroom is locked and Jen is busy inside. No matter how much he pleads, she refuses to rush finishing taking care of her hair–until she opens the door to argue with him and the towel around her body falls off. This freaks out Jonesy, and Jen soon follows suit when she realizes what has happened and vacates the bathroom en route to her room.

Later that day, they meet up by the fountain in the mall and come to an agreement: Jen won't let the girls know what happened, and Jonesy won't tell the guys. However, Jonesy can't keep it in, and he tells his friends what happened in order to get their advice. Jude suggests that he visualize something else when he looks at Jen, and Jonesy tries this advice until while visualizing an ice-cream cone it melts and turns into Jen naked. Depressed, Jonesy then heads off to work at his new job.

Jen needs advice as well, so she turns to Caitlin and Nikki. When she informs them of what happened, they are unimpressed given that she's flashed him twice before–until she points out that this time she wasn't just topless, she was fully nude. Upon realizing this, she begins to hyperventilate, and her friends try to calm her down by pointing out that nobody else knows. Jen agrees, since Jonesy promised he wouldn't tell Jude or Wyatt–but then realizes that she promised the same thing to Jonesy with regard to Nikki and Caitlin but told them anyway.

Meanwhile, Jonesy shows up at his new workplace, the Soft Rock Café. The store is apparently undergoing its grand opening, and so will have a celebrity guest showing up for it: movie star and singer Liza Lomen. Jonesy is impressed, and with a bit of buttering up his boss is able to wrangle tickets for all his friends to come to the grand opening.

When the group next gathers at the table, though, the atmosphere is harsh and strained with the same subject on everyone's mind, and when Jonesy shows up Jen moves to leave until she learns about the tickets. At that point, she comes running back because she's a huge Liza Lomen fan. When Jonesy tries to hand over the ticket, though, he suddenly sees her naked again and is unable to look at her. His friends notice, and Jude whispers his visualization trick; Caitlin hears, however, and calls him out on it. When this happens, Wyatt points out that the girls must know as well, and Jen's eyes fill with tears as she processes the realization that every one of her friends knows what happened.

Jen proceeds to hole up in the loathesome washrooms, and when Nikki calls she learns that Jen plans to never be in the same room with Jonesy again. This convinces Nikki that she has to do something, so she comes down to the bathrooms on her break to get to the root of the problem. There, she figures out what's really bugging Jen: not that Jonesy saw her naked, but that he's seen more of her than she's seen of him.

Nikki fixes the situation by showing Jen a naked picture of Jonesy. This convinces Jen to come to the Soft Rock Café's opening, surprising and pleasing Jonesy when she shows up–until she reveals that she's seen a picture of Jonesy naked. Jonesy pesters her to reveal the photo, and she does–by putting it on a TV screen inside the Soft Rock Café just as Liza Lomen arrives. Jonesy swiftly rushes over to cover up the photo, but is too late, as he gets fired anyway.

Sub-Plot One: Leaderless Clones

Nikki is at work when Chrissy calls a meeting of all the store's employees. There, she reveals that she's been offered the position of hostess at the Soft Rock Café and has decided to accept. However, as a result, she'll have to leave the Khaki Barn and must choose a successor. Unfortunately, she can't choose between her two best friends, so she leaves all three employees equally in charge of the Khaki Barn.

A Chrissyless existence soon becomes annoying for Nikki, though, as the Clones have started copying her. This imitation agitates Nikki until insight from Caitlin reveals to her that the Clones are in need of a leader and have pegged her as the closest approximation. Upon hearing this, Nikki takes the role seriously, and has soon turned the Khaki Barn into a place where customers are insulted relentlessly and barely any goods are sold.

Nikki is so proud of her retraining that she takes the Clones to see Chrissy at the Soft Rock Café's grand opening. There, Chrissy offers her friends hugs when she sees them, but is cruelly rebuffed. Upon learning from Nikki what has transpired, though, Chrissy quits her job and goes back to work at the Khaki Barn, as her friends are more important than anything the Soft Rock Café can offer her.

Sub-Plot Two: Ragin' Cajun Fries

Wyatt is at work when Jude shows up and asks for an order of Rajin' Cajun Fries–no burger, just the fries. Jude begins chowing down, but Jonesy then rushes in and tells his tale about seeing Jen naked. After he leaves, Jude asks for more fries, and ends becoming so entranced with them that when he next goes on a break he gets Wyatt to bring him several bags of fries from Burger McFlipster's.

Later, Jude's fry urges are still not satiated, and he comes back for more fries. While there, he sees Wyatt throw a bunch of fries out, and when he inquires as to why he learns that after twenty minutes under a heat lamp the fries are always thrown away; the only people allowed to eat them are employees. This convinces Jude to become an employee, and after a short interview with Tim, he is hired to work at Burger McFlipster's.

As an employee, he takes full advantage of the freshness policy, even going so far as to eat fries out of the trash. Eventually, his overindulgence leaves him lying prone on the floor, and Wyatt carries him out to ensure that he doesn't eat any more fries and takes him to the Soft Rock Cafe's opening. There, the fries finally overwhelm his stomach, and he barfs them out into Liza Lomen's purse and all over her dog.


  • Jonesy: Pee takes precedence over hair!
    Jen: Oh, is that another rule made up by your brothers? Because I don't care!
    Jonesy: Fine, but if there is a puddle out here in a minute, I am not going to be held responsible!
  • Jude: Soooo...did you look?
  • Jen: Well...Jonesy and I were fighting over the bathroom this morning and...he saw me...you know...naked!
    Nikki: Oh. Is that it?
    Jen: What do you mean, "Is that it?"
    Nikki: This is, like, the third time you've accidentally flashed him. At this point, what's the big deal?
    Caitlin: She's right, Jen. We've all seen your boobs.


  • Jonesy's job: Waiter/host at the Soft Rock Café
    Reason for firing: Jude unintentionally puked in Liza Loman's purse and her pet dog. In addition, Jen wanted to get back at Jonesy for seeing her naked by posting a picture of him naked on a widescreen TV.
  • Jude's job: Worker at Burger McFlipster's
    Reason for firing: He was too indulged into eating the Ragin' Cajun fries sold there. In addition, he violated work protocol by eating the fries that were dumped into the trash.
  • This episode did not air in the United States due to the main plot revolving around nudity and one of the sub-plots dealing with Jude's addiction, which is inappropriate for children’s media standards.


  • Chuck Tamplifier's name, the owner of Soft Rock Café, is a pun on the term "chucked amplifier", where a guitarist gets rid of their electronic guitar equipment and going acoustic.


  • In this episode, Jonesy says that if Nikki finds out he saw Jen naked, their relationship is over. However, in the previous episode "Unhappy Anniversary", Nikki had already dumped Jonesy.
  • Both Jen and Caitlin act as if they had never seen Jonesy in the nude before. The former saw Jonesy named in the episode "The Wedding Destroyers" while the latter saw him named in the episode "The (Almost) Graduate". Jen shouldn't have growled at Nikki, and Caitlin should've known that Jonesy had three freckles on his left thigh.
  • One of the stalls Jen hides in is locked, but near the end of a scene, Nikki is able to free her by reaching inside the stall and pulling Jen out.
  • Following the events of the episode "Going Underground", Ron stated that Jude was banned from working in food services again following the closure of Stick It, but in this episode, Jude is seen working at Burger McFlipster's without any problems.

Cultural references

  • Chrissy references Star Wars when she claims that Nikki has turned Kristen and Kirsten to the "Dark Side".
    • Incidentally, in the episode "Welcome to the Darth Side," it was shown that Chrissy was a Star Wars fan in secret and a member of Darth's Jedi Knight Club.

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