Not Quite Naked Exterior

The storefront.

Not Quite Naked is a lingerie store in the Galleria Mall. It first appeared in "Dude of the Living Dead" as Jonesy's place of employment. He wanted to work at the store because there was a peephole in one of the change rooms, which would allow him to spy on female customers while they were changing. When Wyatt asked him how he got hired, knowing that they almost never let guys work there, Jonesy explained that he told them that he was gay. As he looked through the peephole during his shifts, he described the women he was watching to Jude and Wyatt over the phone. The wall with the peephole was later destroyed when a zombified Stuart Goldstein attacked the woman Jonesy was watching. (However, this never really happened, as the whole episode [including Jonesy's job] was a dream Jude was having.)

The store appeared for a second time in "A Crime of Fashion" as the second location that had a mannequin that was a doppelgänger of Jude. Having previously fallen in love with the smartly-dressed mannequin in the window of a store called Tarted Up Formalwear, Jude was horrified to learn that Not Quite Naked's mannequin was dressed in nothing but a thong. He tried to remove the mannequin but was fought off by a female employee. Robbie later took it and wheeled it through the mall, much to Jude's chagrin.

While the store appeared briefly in "Fashion Victims" as the place where Nikki, Jen and Caitlin purchased some boy-cut undies, its next major appearance was in the episode "Whoa, Baby." Caitlin went there to buy a bra to make her breasts look bigger in order to impress her newest crush, Sawyer. She brought Nikki along so that she could get another girl's opinion and ended up getting one that was filled with water. While they were in the store, Jen's mom, Emma, came in and the two girls overheard her asking an employee about maternity bras, which made them realize that she was pregnant. Later on in the episode, Jonesy and Wyatt shopped at the store for bras as well so that Jonesy could stuff them with water balloons and market them as "Jonesy's Jugs."


  • Not Quite Naked is a parody of Victoria's Secret, an international chain of lingerie stores that started in the United States and also has some locations in Canada.
  • In the Cartoon Network airing of "Dude of the Living Dead", Jonesy's reason for being hired is censored; instead of saying that he told his boss he was gay, he says he told the boss he was famous.


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