The first appearance of the store.

Nice Cinnabuns is a store located in the Galleria Mall. It is part of the mall food court. The store mainly sells cinnamon buns, although it is suggested that it sells other pastries and it is known to sell coffee. It first appeared in "Take This Job and Squeeze It;" there, Jonesy used his finger to steal filling from various pastries without buying a cinnamon bun, and the (then five) friends tricked Caitlin into purchasing one of the buns that Jonesy had stuck his finger in by telling her that the buns with holes in them were far superior to the other buns.

It later appeared in "The Five Finger Discount", where it was revealed that Book Girl works there. Since then, though, it has appeared rather infrequently, and is mostly only mentioned in passing. Examples of this occur in "Fish and Make Up" when Jude mentions that he planned to take Fish to Nice Cinnabuns for breakfast, and in "The One with the Cold Sore" when he says that he'll be going off to get a cinnamon bun from there instead of heading to Grind Me with his friends.


  • As of "Cheapskates", Book Girl has apparently quit her job at the store in order to go work at The Gigantoplex.
  • This is one of the few repeatedly-seen stores in the mall that Jonesy has never worked at.
    • Even more odd is the fact that none of the gang have ever held a job there. (For example, Jude's first job was at Stick It and his third and fourth jobs were at the ice rink and the game store, respectively; Jonesy never worked at either location. In addition, Wyatt worked at Spin This, a place where Jonesy was never hired, and Jonesy refused Jen's offer for him to work at the Big Squeeze, a job that Caitlin now holds.) The only other repeatedly-seen stores where none of the gang have worked are Grind Me, Wonder Taco, Taj Mahome Video, Vegan Island, and Cafe Coeur Brisé.


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