Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Relationship Stone (broken up)
Jonesy (broken up)
First Appearance Pillow Talk
Last Appearance Great Expectations
Voiced by Robin Duke

Mimi is an Asian girl who is always seen in a burnt sienna dress. She has long black hair and is often seen in the background. She is frequently seen working at Grind Me.

Mimi's first notable appearance comes in "Pillow Talk." There, she was one of Jonesy's dates. She was interested in mountain climbing, and the alias Jonesy took to date her was that of Sven, a mountain climber who had summitted Mount Everest. They had a date at Super Terrific Happy Sushi. However, she eventually figured out that her date was actually Jonesy (who had become notorious due to Dustin) and that he was dating several girls at the same time under assumed identities.

After that, she was seen in "Wrestlemania" as Stone's girlfriend. Because Stone broke up with Nikki in "Dirty Work" to get back together with an ex named Jill, it can be presumed that Stone and Jill had broken up sometime between "Dirty Work" and "Wrestlemania" and that Stone had begun dating Mimi. In "Wrestlemania," she was mainly seen with Stone, and witnessed many of the faux pas Nikki created in that episode.

She ends up being dumped by Stone for unknown reasons in "Date and Switch." She and Stone are one of the couples that are seen breaking up inside Cafe Coeur Brisé when Jonesy takes Wyatt to the store. She is also among the group of girls who get angry when they misread the situation as Jonesy breaking up with Wyatt and is one of the girls that pelts Jonesy with bread. (In reality, Jonesy was breaking up with Wyatt for Marlowe, not because he was in a relationship with Wyatt.)

Mimi also appears in "Labour Day - Part 1." There, she is seen in the hospital with another guy; they get run into by Jonesy and Jude when they engage in wheelchair races. After that, her final appearance comes in "Great Expectations." There, she appeared at the mini golf course as one of the customers for Jonesy's make out golf night. She never spoke and never indicated whom she was interested in. Interestingly, she also appeared in the game based on "Great Expectations," Mini Make-Out Golf.


  • In Mimi's appearance in the game, she can be paired up with any guy in the game. Notably, none of her boyfriends are seen on the course.
  • Mimi only had one line in Season 4, and that was "You jerk!" which was said to both Jonesy and Jude in "Labour Day - Part 1."


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