Melinda Wilson
Melinda Wilson
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Relationship Jude Lizowski (broken up)
First Appearance Silent Butt Deadly
Last Appearance The List
Voiced by Rachel Wilson
Melinda Wilson is a popular senior at the school the gang attend. She had a major appearance in "Silent Butt Deadly" and made cameos in "Losing Your Lemon," "A Crime of Fashion," "Prank'd," and "The List."

Melinda's main appearance came in "Silent Butt Deadly." There, she dated Jude because she found him cute. However, because she was a popular senior and Jude was neither popular nor a senior, she was unwilling to date him openly, and instead insisted on meeting him secretly. Eventually, though, Caitlin managed to get the secret out from Jude, and spread the news to the rest of the gang. This led to Jen telling Jude that he deserved better than a "secret" relationship, which eventually convinced Jude to test Melinda's love for him. He did this by having her meet him in the mall vents, where he farted repeatedly, under the logic that if she truly cared about him she'd be willing to stay. Melinda was not, and Jude considered this official confirmation that their relationship was over.

After this, Melinda appeared two more times, in "Prank'd" and in "The List." In the former episode, she passed by Wyatt in Grind Me when Jonesy used a prank keychain to make it sound like Wyatt farted as she passed. In the latter, she was shown to have been working at Von Ditch when the identity thief who stole Caitlin's credit card was there; she passed along details of what he bought, what he looked like, and where he was headed after he shopped there.

Besides this, a color swap of her with black hair has been seen. This character occasionally appears in the background, but appeared in the foreground in two episodes. In "Losing Your Lemon," she is seen as a Von Ditch employee at the front of a roped-off line in charge of letting in people two at a time. In "Spring Fling," Jonesy says hi to her as she passes by him.


  • Her last name is taken from her voice actor, Rachel Wilson.
  • Melinda Wilson's voice actor also voices Heather from Total Drama.
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