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Ron the Rent-a-Cop, the most notable (and often the only) mall security officer.

Mall Security are a group of mall cops who keep order within the Galleria Mall. Currently, the only known member of the security force is Ron the Rent-a-Cop, although he did have two deputies in two separate episodes. These two were Jonesy Garcia and a former boyfriend of Caitlin, Kai. Jonesy was the assistant in "The Slow and the Even-Tempered"; he was fired for abusing his power and giving his keys to Jude. Kai made his only appearance in "The New Guy". Unlike Ron, Kai was rather relaxed about his duties, and when Ron quit, he ended up spending his time goofing around (it helped that he had nothing against teenagers and was in fact a teen himself). Kai ended up being fired for failing to keep his keys from being lost (they were actually stolen by Caitlin in an attempt to get Ron his job back). Both of the deputies only lasted one episode, and as a result, Ron is usually the only member.

The security staff has an office, which includes a set of three cells, although only the middle one has been seen in use (usually when one or more of the main characters get arrested and are put in it). The security office is also the location of the mall's PA system. Jonesy was once hired to man the system, but was fired when he used it for personal purposes. Prior to being fired, Ron trapped him in a corner, as the rent-a-cop didn't want Jonesy wandering all over his office and messing with his stuff. Jonesy's firing was largely due to Ron's intense dislike of both Jonesy and his behavior. It didn't help that Jonesy sent Ron off on bogus "emergencies" while he was in charge of the system; in fact, these emergencies were probably part of the reason for his firing, as Jonesy was in all likelihood lying about most of them.

Despite Ron being the only known member, he is often seen using his walkie-talkie to transmit information. It is unknown if Ron has other security officers manning separate parts of the mall, or if he just likes to send messages through his walkie-talkie even when nobody is listening. It is also entirely possible that, given the size of the Galleria Mall (which has almost a thousand stores), Ron is required to report all disturbances to the police.