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Throughout the series, Ron has mentioned the existence of many mall rules and codes which he uses to prosecute the main characters (and, to a lesser extent, other visitors to the mall). In "Oops, I Dialed It Again", he reveals that he has a printed copy of the Mall Security Act and similar other acts.


Code Number Text of Code Appeared In
2-27 No desecration of public property. "Out Of This World"
3-8-11 No indecent exposure of underthings. "Kylie Smylie"
5-19 Unknown; Ron alludes to it as a rule pertaining to people in the fountain, panda suits in the fountain, skateboards in the fountain, people in panda suits in the fountain, people with skateboards in the fountain, panda suits and skateboards in the fountain, or people in panda suits with skateboards in the fountain. "The Girls in the Band"
7-18 Unknown; Ron alludes to it pertaining to stolen jackets. Distinct from a 10-19. "The Slow and the Even-Tempered"
7-19 No littering. "Cecil B. Delusioned"
9-78 No flagrant tossing of urine. "Out Of This World"
10-19 Unknown; Ron alludes to it pertaining to stolen jackets. Distinct from a 7-18 "The Five Finger Discount"
18 No flogging merchandise in a fire corridor. "Wrestlemania"
21-18 No shaking gumball machines. "Labour Day - Part 1"
1345-9 Unknown; is related to stolen merchandise, in this case, a halter top. "A Crime of Fashion"
8719 (Section B) Unknown; is related to employee theft. "The Wedding Destroyers"
137894 Attempting to drown someone in the mall fountain is prohibited. "A Crime of Fashion"
7678136521 Unknown; is related to framing someone for theft. "A Crime of Fashion"

Mall Security Act Laws

Section and Subsection Text of Law Appeared In
Section 4, Subsection 43 No loitering or terrorizing children. "Losing Your Lemon"
Section 48, Subsection B No improper use of gardening equipment. "Boo, Dude"
Section 65, Subsection D No impersonating a mall security officer. "Boo, Dude"