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This page lists instances when characters have cried for one reason or another.


Episode Reason
Take This Job and Squeeze It Cried because she had to get a job to pay off her credit card debt.
The Big Sickie Cried after poking herself in the eye with a mascara brush intentionally so that she could convincingly cry while telling a story about Jen's "aunt" being in the hospital.
A Lime to Party Cried because Big Steve was about to move The Big Squeeze to a strip mall due to low sales.
The (Almost) Graduate
  • Cried because she got herself locked in the lemon and when Jonesy got the job she was dreaming about at Albatross & Finch.
  • Later in the episode, she cried again after remembering what happened.
The Khaki Girl Cried when Tricia beat her out for the Khaki Girl title.
Cecil B. Delusioned
  • Cried after a boyfriend broke up with her.
  • Cried again because she wanted to get Nikki to submit to a makeover.
6teen: Dude of the Living Dead Cried because her boyfriend Talon got turned into a zombie and he stood her up when he asked her to prom.
Going Underground Cried because she regretted breaking up with Talon.
Deadbeat Poets Society She ran off crying in humiliation after a male customer recalled her farting incident, even going as far as calling Caitlin "The Fart Girl."
Fish and Make Up
  • Cried when she and Nikki got into a fight, which ended with Nikki harshly saying that she and Caitlin aren't friends anymore.
  • Cried at Fish's funeral, both because Jude's friend had died and because she was sorry about fighting with Nikki.
Major Unfaithfulness Cried when she got a "red mullet" hairdo, and out of fear when she thought that her boyfriend was going to think that she cheated on him when she got a haircut from a different sylist.
Waiting to Ex-Sale Cried when Tad broke up with her following a fight they had.
The Hunted Cried when her date stood her up, only for her to learn that Nikki did it out of revenge.
The Lords of Malltown
  • Cried after breaking up with Billy.
  • Cried when she found out that she paid for Jen's date with Carl.
Smarten Up
  • Cried at the end of a romantic comedy.
  • Cried when Josh broke up with her.
Dirty Work Cried when she found out that her new makeup wrecked her skin.
A Crime of Fashion Cried when she was arrested after she was falsely accused of stealing a halter top from Albatross & Finch.
Girlie Boys Cried after realizing she was putting on weight at Chocoholics' Anonymous.
Snow Job
  • Cried after Steph accused her of being a stalker and told her to leave him alone.
  • Later in the same episode, Coach Halder mentioned penguin suits, which hit Caitlin's sore spot about her humiliation, prompting her to cry harder.
Sweet 6teen Cried because Tricia sabotaged her birthday party.
The One with the Cold Sore Cried when she found out that there was a cold sore on her lips.
6 Teens and A Baby Cried because she was covered in Emma's barf.
Blast From The Past Cried because her boyfriend Spencer dumped her.
Great Expectations Cried because she thought that Wyatt hated kissing her.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 1 Cried because Nikki was leaving.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2 Cried because Nikki was leaving and because Nikki gave her an incredibly thoughtful goodbye gift.
Vote, Dude! She mentioned that she forgot to feed her cat for a month, and after realizing it died, she started crying.


Episode Reason why she cries
Breaking Up with the Boss' Son She used crocodile tears to trick Cory into thinking he cheated on her.
The Wedding Destroyers Cried many times for several reasons:
  • The stress of the wedding.
  • Having to deal with her new brothers.
  • Accidentally flashing the Garcia boys.
The New Jonesy Screamed, and cried into submission after she thought she kissed Smithy, but ended up kissing Jonesy.
Over Exposed Cried twice when she felt humiliated over accidentally flashing Jonesy.
The Journal Cried when her friends publicly embarrassed her by inadvertently reading her journal to the entire mall, prompting her to hide in her room for a couple of days.
Whoa, Baby Two reasons:
  • She cried out of stress when Diego and Robbie were getting on her nerves.
  • She found out that her mom was having a baby, and cried even more.
Great Expectations
  • Cried after Travis Gibson broke up with her.
  • Cried when Jade broke up with Jonesy, which reminded her of her recent breakup.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2
  • Cried because Nikki was leaving.
  • Cried because of how heartfelt Nikki's gift to her was.


Episode Reason why he cries
Jonesy's Low Mojo Cried because Norm took his gold gamer's pass away after he repeatedly acted like a jerk towards Nelson.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2 Cried because Nikki was moving away.


Episode Reason why he cries
Mr. Nice Guy Faked crying while in drag in order to elicit a compliment from Jonesy as part of Jonesy's training to be a nicer guy.
Fish and Make Up Cried because Fish died.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 1 Used a tissue to blow his nose because Nikki was moving away.


Episode Reason why she cries
The Big Sickie Pretended to cry to get Jen out of work.
Fish and Make Up Cried during Fish's funeral.
Cried when she apologized to Caitlin.
Snow Job Cried because she was still in love with Jonesy and he was going to the dance with Tara Johansen.
Cried tears of joy when Jonesy got back together with her.
Bicker Me Not She sobbed out of stress after putting up with Gracie's bickering for too long.
Silent Butt Deadly Cried because the toilet got clogged at Jonesy's house and she wrecked the bathroom.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2 Cried because she's moving away.


Episode Reason why he cries
The One with the Text Message Cried when Serena broke up with him via text message.

Ron the Rent-a-Cop

Episode Reason why he cries
Mr. and Mr. Perfect During a guitar lesson with Wyatt, he had a flashback about how he was tortured and started crying as Wyatt ordered him to play the "A" chord.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2 Cried after Jude pled with him for a chance to say goodbye to Nikki.

Coach Halder

Episode Reason why he cries
The Journal Because he insulted as "self-absorbed lunkhead" from Jen's secret due to her friends reading it.

The Clones

Episode Reason why they cry
Over Exposed Cried when Chrissy announced she was quitting the Khaki Barn in order to work at the Soft Rock Café.
Cried when Nikki got an emergency call from Jen to meet in the food court.


Episode Reason why she cries
The Five Finger Discount It was mentioned that she cried for two days when her mother threw away her desktop lamp.
Fish and Make Up She cried during the funeral for Fish.


Episode Reason why he cries
The List Cried after Jonesy threw the titular list into the mall's fountain.

Tricia Holmes

Episode Reason why she cries
The Khaki Girl She cried when Caitlin won the title of "The Khaki Girl" after vomiting on one of the judges.
Spring Fling Cried (possibly fake tears) after Jonesy broke up with her.


Episode Reason why she cries
Snow Job Cried because she dumped Darth Mall right before the big dance.


Episode Reason why he cries
Losing Your Lemon Cried because he was touched by Jude and Starr getting back together.


Episode Reason why she cries
Midnight Madness Cried because Chad was leaving her dateless on New Year's Eve.

Yummy Mummy

Episode Reason why he cries
Bring It On Is on the edge of tears when she drops Stanley off at Stick It the first time, and comes close to admitting that she needs to cry.


Episode Reason why he cries
Various Is seen crying when his mother drags him through the mall.

Emma Masterson, Jr.

Episode Reason why she cries
6 Teens and A Baby Cried continuously throughout the episode.


Episode Reason why she cries
A Ding from Down Under Cried when she called for Jara.

Other Characters

Episode Reason why he/she/they cry
The Girls in the Band Three children cried after Pokey the Panda told them to scram.
Employee of the Month A Khaki Barn customer cried after Nikki told her off, saying that she's gonna get humiliated.


  • Out of all the instances of the main characters, Caitlin Cooke had the most occurrences crying.
    • Wyatt is the inverse of them all because he had the least occurrences crying, and the shortest length.
  • Everyone in the main six has cried at least once.