Ron flexing his muscles
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Relationship Caitlin Cooke (broken up)
First Appearance The New Guy
Last Appearance Dirty Work
Voiced by Drew Nelson
Kai is a teenager who first appeared in "The New Guy" as Ron's assistant. He was the titular new guy on the force and an assistant Mall Security officer.

Kai was introduced as a good-natured, nice, teenage assistant to Ron. He, unlike Ron, understood the duties of being a mall cop as well as the restraints of the position. Despite thinking that Ron was somewhat nutty, he went along with Ron's commands up until Ron quit the force after a particularly heinous prank from Jude and Jonesy. After Ron quit, he became the only working officer and was noticeably less rough than his predecessor on teenagers. He was also lazier, as he often ignored possible emergencies in favor of goofing off and hitting on Caitlin. (Admittedly, he didn't encounter any emergencies up until the end, and that one was engineered by the main six teenagers so that Ron would take back his job.)

Kai first saw Caitlin on a security monitor when Ron was introducing him to the gang, whom he deemed their enemies. Caitlin, codenamed Cupcake by Ron, instantly drew his attention. When he met her at the Big Squeeze, he flirted with her until Ron commanded his attention again. After Ron quit and he was made the main security officer, he spent most of his time hanging out with her. Eventually, this hurt him, as for part of the final scheme Caitlin had to steal his security keyring.

After he was fired by Ron, Kai took a job at Frilly and Pink. Caitlin noted that the outfit was a major turn-off, and he only appeared once after this episode (and never again with Caitlin), suggesting that Kai refused to quit his job and a breakup occurred between him and Caitlin. Oddly enough, his other appearance was a cameo in "Dirty Work," again as a security officer. There, he was accosted by Jonesy, who fired him after Ron hired Jonesy to do so. It was never explained how he got rehired or why he agreed to work for Mall Security again.

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