Grind Me is a coffeehouse at the Galleria Mall. It is one of the more frequently seen stores in the show, even though none of the characters work at it. It appears that Charmaine is the manager of the store; at the very least, Charmaine is the head barista at this location.

Grind Me was first mentioned and seen in "Take This Job and Squeeze It." There, Wyatt interviewed for a job, but had a bad interview and ended up working at his second choice (Spin This) instead. Despite this, he is still a frequent consumer at Grind Me, in large part because of his caffeine addiction.

Later, in "Deadbeat Poets Society," it was revealed that Grind Me hosts open mic poetry readings, at which Wyatt read angsty breakup poems. In "The Lords of Malltown," it was shown that they have open mic sessions around lunchtime, as Wyatt performed a song at one of them. It was also the hosting place for casting extras for a movie's filming in "The One with the Cold Sore."

Grind Me can also apparently be booked for parties. It was used for Mr. Garcia's stag and Emma Masterson's bridal shower in "The Wedding Destroyers," and was also the site of Nikki's going-away party in "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2." It is surprisingly large for a coffee shop, with the ability to host two parties at once, plenty of floor space, a small performing stage, and a large coffee bar.

In addition to coffee, Grind Me also sells tea, hot chocolate, and various pastries. The only employee who is regularly seen is Charmaine; however, Stone worked here in "Jonesy's Low Mojo" and "Dirty Work." Since the conclusion of the latter episode, he has not been seen at Grind Me. It is possible that he was fired at some point (likely for being disrespectful towards customers), but it is also possible that he just wasn't shown working onscreen.


  • This store likely parodies Starbucks
  • A subheading on the sign at the entrance indicates that the franchise was founded in 1865..


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