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[Jonesy is running his newest scam. It seems he has gotten hired at a miniature golf course.]
Jonesy: "That's right, it's singles night! A new way to meet that cuts right to the kiss!" [A satisfied customer gives him a thumbs-up.] "Tell me who you wanna connect with, and I'll give you the time, the place, and five minutes to get acquainted! Okay, who's next?"
Wyatt: "Me me me!"
Lydia: "Over here!"
Nikki: [walking up] "So, you finally hit rock bottom."
Jonesy: "Excuse me? I happen to be providing a selfless service."
Nikki: "Making money providing people with dark creepy places to suck face?"
Jonesy: "It's not my fault there aren't enough makeout spots in the mall. This is just a slightly less random version of spin the bottle." [taking money] "Date will be in the booth at 8:35. Purple Frog, 8:30! Windmill at 8:35, nope 8:45!"
Wyatt: [pointing to a girl] "Think you could pair me with her?" [The girl nods.]
Jonesy: "Permission to launch! Be in the UFO at 8:40 sharp." [to Nikki] "See? Mini Make-Out Golf helps the whole community."
Caitlin: [to Jonesy] "Hey. Think I could meet Bradford?" [She points to the guy of her choice, who nods.]
Jonesy: "Totally! Be in the UFO at 8:40."
[Caitlin runs off squealing with joy.]
Jonesy: [to himself] "Genius."

[Caitlin enters the UFO. She comes across her date, and they kiss.]
Caitlin: [happy] "Wow."
Wyatt: [shocked] "CAITLIN?!?"
Caitlin: "WYATT?!?"

The opening credits roll.
The title of this episode is
Great Expectations

[Jonesy walks up to the table, flipping through a wad of bills.]
Jonesy: "Mini Make-Out Golf: best idea ever." [to Wyatt] "So, how was the tongue wrestling?" [Wyatt doesn't respond.] "C'mon, man! Did you get her number?"
Wyatt: "Yeah. I, uh...got it."
Jonesy: "Nice! How about you, Caitlin? Tonsil hockey, good times?"
Caitlin: "Oh, it was–something."
Wyatt: [avoiding looking at Caitlin] "Uh–forgot to–wash my hands. Seeya!" [He runs off. Caitlin exhales.]
Nikki: "Okay, what is with you two?"
[Jen's phone beeps.]
Jen: "EEE! Yes! Travis is coming home today! EEEE!"
Jonesy: "Travis the superjock? Can you make him hang out with me this time? I'll be cool, I swear!"
Jen: "Sorry, but when I'm not helping Coach with his stupid baseball promotion, he and I are gonna be joined at the hip!"
[Jude skates up with a young blonde girl behind him on the skateboard.]
Jude: "Dudes, say hola to my cuz Jade."
Nikki, Caitlin, and Jen: "Hi Jade!"
Jude: "Our folks are hitting some town called Mexico, so she's here for a week." [pulling out a billfold] "All expenses paid."
Jonesy: "I haven't seen you since you were riding around on a tricycle. Don't you owe me five bucks?"
Jade: "Gonesy–I mean, Jonesy–" [She blushes. Jonesy laughs.]
Jonesy: "Gonesy's what she always used to call me."
[Jade stares at Jonesy with a dreamy look in her eyes.]

[Jen is wearing a giant baseball glove.]
Jen: "Ugh, stupid baseball promotion! One hundred and seventy-two minutes until I get to hook up with Travis again! One hundred and seventy...one! C'mon, time!"
[Caitlin and Nikki walk into the store, see Jen, and double over with laughter. Jen walks over to them.]
Jen: [annoyed] "Thanks for the support!"
Caitlin: "Okay, I'm in major need of advice. How should I put this. Wyatt and I...we sort of...kissed."
Jen: "Whoa!"
Nikki: "What? I knew something was up with you two!"
Caitlin: "It was at the makeout golf thingy. Jonesy put us together by accident! But you know the crazy part?"
Jen: "Other than swapping spit with one of your oldest friends?!?"
Caitlin: "The kiss was beyond incredible. Best kiss ever!"
Nikki: "Wait a minute. Wyatt, world's greatest kisser? Didn't see that coming."
Caitlin: "I know, right? But that kiss, it was so...so...so impossible to describe!"
Coach Halder: "Masterson, think fast!" [He heaves a gigantic baseball at her. Jen topples over.]
Caitlin: "Ooh, that's what the kiss felt like!"

[Jonesy, Jade, Jude, and Wyatt are inside the game store.]
Jude: [laughing] "What? No way!"
Jonesy: "A perfect kiss with Caitlin?"
Wyatt: "I know! But I could never risk actually dating her, right?"
Jude: "Why not? She always smells like lemons and marshmallows."
Wyatt: "Plus I'm a romantic failure!"
Jonesy: "True."
Jade: [holding up a game] "Jonesy, look, I'm on the bonus level!"
Wyatt: "I've never even thought about Caitlin in that way before. And she is pretty great."
Jude: "Love works in mysterious ways, bro."
Jade: [singsong] "Jonesy, I'm beating your high score."
Jonesy: [grabbing another game system] "No one beats me at Zombie Zebras." [He begins playing.]
Wyatt: "Hello? A little support over here?"
Jonesy: "The zebras, they're–look, bottom line, Caitlin knows you too well. You won't be able to get away with anything. Trust me." [His phone rings, and he answers.] "Nikki? No, I am not wasting my day playing video games!"
Jade: [winning] "Woohoo!" [Nikki says something to Jonesy.]
Jonesy: [lowering his phone] "Busted. See?"

[Jen runs through the mall with a smile on her lips. She checks the time.]
Jen: "Finally!"
[Travis is waiting by the fountain. He sees Jen.]
Travis: [waving] "Jen!"
Jen: "Eee!"
[Suddenly, a crowd gathers around Travis. They are looking for autographs and attention. Jen skids to a stop just outside the congregation. She takes out her phone and calls.]
Travis: [signing autographs] "Hey, it was awesome to almost see you!"
Jen: "Oh Travis, I missed you so much!"
Travis: "Me too! Oops, hang on." [taking another call] "Yeah? Kay. There in five." [back to Jen] "Sorry, it never stops. Catch up later?"
Jen: "Yeah. I want to hog you all to myself."
Travis: "Well tonight I'm all yours. Mmmmwah!"
Jen: "Mmmmwah!"
[They hang up. Jen sighs happily as Travis and his entourage walk away.]

[Wyatt is putting things in his coffee when Caitlin walks into Grind Me.]
Wyatt: "Oh! Uh, I was just–caffiene boost."
Caitlin: "Yeah, I'm–y'know, break time, so–"
Wyatt: "Oh, sure! Long day, gotta do it!"
Caitlin: "Um, ten sugars might be enough."
Wyatt: "Huh? Oh, right." [He tosses the scoop away and turns his wrist to look at his watch, overturning his coffee cup on the way.] "Well, I should probab–" [The hot coffee splatters on his crotch.] "Neeerrrpp!"
Caitlin: "Are you okay?!?"
Wyatt: "Never better."
Caitlin: "So, about–you know."
Wyatt: "Yeah. Uh, that went weird, huh?"
Caitlin: "Well it was definitely unexpected."
Wyatt: "Well I hope you don't think I set it up."
Caitlin: "No, no! Of course not!"
Wyatt: "'Cause I would never do that to you."
Caitlin: "Sure, I mean–never?"
Wyatt: "Obviously it was a total screwup."
Caitlin: [offended] "Total screwup?!?"
Wyatt: "I just mean it was a mistake!"
Caitlin: "Well I thought it was spectacular!" [tears in her eyes] "But if that's how you feel, maybe we should just stay away from each other so we don't make another mistake!" [She turns and runs away.]
Wyatt: "Caitlin, wait!" [Caitlin runs out of the store.] "How do I mess things up so badly so quickly?"

[Nikki and Jonesy are on the golf course. Jade skates by.]
Jade: "Jonesy..."
Nikki: [after Jade goes past] "By the way, just in case you're blind and clueless, that girl is totally crushing on you."
Jonesy: "Well of course she is. I'm awesome."
Nikki: "Deluded and egomaniacal. What's not to love?"

[Jen is back in her baseball glove costume when Travis walks in. She quickly gets rid of it.]
Coach Halder: [gasping in shock] "Travis is back? Why didn't you tell me? My hair's a mess!" [He pats it into place.] "I feel very pretty today, I feel like I'm top of my game!"
[Coach Halder walks away. Travis walks up to the counter.]
Jen: "Coach might be one of those fans you eventually put a restraining order on."
Travis: "Yeah, this celebrity thing sure brings out the weird in people. But forget him."
[Travis and Jen kiss. Suddenly, Travis's phone beeps.]
Travis: "Aw, nuts. I have to meet a rep about an endorsement deal. Gotta go. Dinner?"
Jen: "Definitely."
[Travis leaves. Jen sighs happily, rests her elbows on the counter, and watches him leave. Suddenly, Coach Halder's sigh is heard. He's in the same position as Jen.]
Coach Halder: "I hear ya, sister. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em."

[Jonesy and Nikki are sitting by the fountain. Jade hands Jonesy a CD.]
Jonesy: "Modern Currant's new CD? Thanks, Jadester!"
Nikki: "Uh, hate to break it to ya, Jade, but Jonesy's taken."
Jade: [irritated] "It's just a gift."
Nikki: "Oh, sure, no, of course. Great pick too." [to Jonesy] "They've been your favorite band since, what, Grade 4?"
Jade: "No. Jonesy first heard Modern Currant the summer after Grade 5. I know everything about Jonesy."
Nikki: "I'm not sure that's something you should be proud of."
Jade: "Wanna bet I know more than you?"
Nikki: "You're ten. That's okay."
Jade: "Does Jonesy like ketchup or relish on his hot dogs?"
Nikki: "Ketchup, obviously."
Jade: "Neither. He's all about the mustard."
Jonesy: "I do love the yellow stuff."
Jude: "One point for the mini-bra!"
Jade: "What's his favorite movie?"
Nikki: "Dragon Thunder."
Jade: "So wrong! Rebel Alien Assault."
Jonesy: "Ha! Right again!"
Nikki: "Yeah, well, well, why don't you ask me something less trivial."
Jade: "Okay. What's Jonesy's blood type?"
Nikki: "What?!?"
Jade: "He needs blood, and it's all down to you. What's his type?"
Jonesy: "Hurry, before I bleed to death!"
Nikki: "Uh–um–F negative?"
Jade: "Ennh! It's AB. But Jonesy can receive blood from any other blood group."
Jonesy: "I did not know that."
Nikki: "Okay, blood type? That's just weird."
Jude: "Jade is a very special little dudette."
Jonesy: "And on the bright side, if I suddenly need a hot dog and a blood transfusion, now you're prepared!"
Nikki: "Ugh."

[Travis and Jen are at El Sporto's. Travis is looking at his phone and typing on it.]
Jen: "Um...do you think you could pay an eensy bit of attention to me?"
Travis: "Sorry, I know this is annoying." [The waitress skates up.]
Waitress: "Hi Travis. Can I have your autograph?"
Travis: "Sure, here you go." [He signs.]
Jen: [muttering] "Maybe I should ask for an autograph."
Travis: "Anyway–" [His phone beeps.] "Ugh, my buds are mad I still haven't seen them!"
Jen: "Yeah, I know how they feel."
Travis: "Okay, okay, I'm turning it off. See?" [He turns off the phone and sets it down. Another phone rings.] "That would be my emergency phone." [He looks at it.] "Aw, man! No time for dessert."
Jen: "You haven't even had dinner! Can't we have five uninterrupted minutes together?"
Travis: "Let me get this out of the way, and I swear, tomorrow will be all about you."
Jen: "I'm gonna hold you to that." [They kiss.]
Travis: "I'll make it all up to you tomorrow, Jenny. You'll see."
[Travis walks away, and Jen sighs. Their waitress skates up.]
Jen: "I'll take his to go."

[Jen is picking at Travis's food while she sits with Caitlin.]
Jen: "Travis can't give me five minutes, but he can sign every hot girl's shirt!"
Caitlin: "Autographs mean nothing. Wyatt hasn't had a lemonade all day! He's buying from somewhere else, I just know it."
Jen: "C'mon, it can't be that serious. Just talk to him."
Caitlin: "I can't even face him after last time."
[Jen's phone rings. She answers.]
Nikki: "Hey, how's Caitlin doing?" [Jen covers the phone.]
Jen: [to Caitlin] "Uh, bad reception, I'm just gonna–" [Jen moves to another part of the food court.] "She's too embarrassed to go anywhere near Wyatt! We have to do something!"
Nikki: "This calls for an intervention."

[Nikki and Jen have hidden behind one of the potted trees near the fountain.]
Jen: "Commencing Operation: Facetime! Start dialing."
[Jen and Nikki take out their phones. Each makes a call.]
Caitlin: [answering] "Hello?"
Wyatt: [answering] "Hello?"
Jen and Nikki: "Jude broke his leg by the fountain! Come quick!" [They hang up.]
Caitlin: "Jude did what?!?"
Wyatt: "How'd he–"
[Caitlin rushes over to the fountain while Jen and Nikki watch.]
Caitlin: "Jude! Where is–gah!" [She spots Wyatt and starts running away.]
Wyatt: "Wait! I'm so sorry about before."
Caitlin: [turning away] "You said what you meant."
Wyatt: "No I didn't. The kiss was amazing, but–I don't want to wreck our friendship."
Caitlin: "Well, not doing anything about it is sort of wrecking it anyway, so–"
Wyatt: "Maybe we should–"
Caitlin: "Stop fighting and go with it?"
Wyatt: "Like, on a date? I guess we could."
Caitlin: "Then it's a date!"
Jen: "Yes! They're talking."
[A sound distracts the spies, and they look over to see Jonesy walking around in brand new basketball shoes. Strangely, the shoes are playing music.]
Nikki: "Nice shoes. Do they come with volume controls?"
Jonesy: "Very funny. Jade gave them to me."
Jen: "How does she afford those? When I was a kid, I gave people handmade cards and painted rocks."
Jonesy: "Guess she found them. And they just happen to be the perfect size."
Nikki: "Has it occurred to you that she might be shoplifting?"
Jonesy: "I can't believe you'd even think that about my little Jade!"
Nikki: "Ugh, you're too blind to see it because she's got a crush on you!"
Jonesy: "Well you're jealous of a ten-year-old!" [He storms off. Jade, watching through binoculars, chuckles.]
Jade: "She's so mad. And he's so mine."

[Jen is sitting on a bench, waiting for Travis.]
Jen: "Aw." [Her phone rings.] "Where are you? Today was supposed to be my day, all day!"
Travis: "I know, I know, I'm sorry. How about lunch?"
Jen: "How about forget it!" [She hangs up, throws the phone in the trash, and walks away. Travis calls back just as Coach Halder passes the garbage can.]
Coach Halder: "Travis!" [He clears his throat and picks up.] "Hello? Yes, this is Coach Halder. What? Jen?" [Jen comes back.] "She's here just a second." [He hands over the phone, and Jen hangs up.] "He used to be my right-hand man, my tight-end squeeze. But now, his heart is somewhere else." [He leaves.]
Jen: [growing paranoid] "Or maybe with someone else!"

[Jude skates up to the table.]
Jude: "So, you guys going on a date?"
Wyatt: "Yeah."
Caitlin: "Uh-huh."
Jude: [skating away] "Cool."
[Jade, following Jude, skates up to the table while wearing sunglasses.]
Jade: "Here. Now we're twinsies." [She hands Jonesy a matching pair of shades.]
Jonesy: "Sweet! Thanks!" [Jade skates away. Jonesy puts the glasses on and smiles. Nikki stares at him accusingly.] "Oh come on! She found two matching pairs of really cool shades. Doesn't make her a shoplifter."
Nikki: [getting up] "Fine. If you refuse to see the truth, I'll just have to prove it."

[Jen is spying on Travis, who is taking pictures with his fans. Her phone rings.]
Jen: "Yello."
Nikki: "So, how's the day-long date going?"
Jen: "It's not. He blew me off again. Travis is cheating on me, I know it! And I am so going to bust him."
Nikki: "Hel-lo, jump to conclusions much? Trust me, stalking is a seriously bad idea."
[A beat turns on inside Spin This, where Nikki is hiding to spy on Jade.]
Jen: "Whatever. What's with the music, where are you?" [She turns her binoculars on the store.] "Huh. Well look who's stalking now."
Nikki: "What? I'm just waiting for Jade to lift another present for Gonesy so I can prove I'm right."
[Jade passes Nikki's hiding place. Jen looks back towards Travis.]
Jen: "Well I'm going in. Over and out."

[Travis is being interviewed by the escalators by a roving mob of reporters when a man in a brown mustache, trench coat, and hat cuts in.]
Jen: [disguising her voice] "Jim Jimmerson for the–news. When you're not in training, who do you hang around with?" [She prods Travis's face with the microphone.]
Travis: "Who do I–hang around with?"
Jen: "That's right! What's her name?"
[Jen's mustache shoots off of her face and hits Travis in the eye.]
Travis: "Ah! My eye!"
[Jen creeps away, and the other reporters surround Travis again.]

[Jude, Jade, and Jonesy are playing games at the arcade when Wyatt walks up to his male friends.]
Wyatt: "Hi guys. One hour to date time."
Jonesy: "You're not wearing that, are you?"
Wyatt: "Why wouldn't I?"
Jonesy: "'Cause you're going on a first date? With Caitlin?"
Jude: "She's all about the styling." [His game ends, and he checks his pocket.] "Aw, man, I'm out of quarters! And parental coinage?"
Wyatt: "I knew a date was a bad idea."
Jonesy: "C'mon! You're just a shirt, brush, and free sample of cologne away from being totally locked and loaded."
Wyatt: "I need a coffee." [He leaves.]

[Travis is by Taj Mahome Video, talking on his phone. Jen spies on him from behind a movie poster.]
Travis: "Great. See you at the fountain at six." [He leaves. Jen calls Nikki.]
Nikki: "Hey."
Jen: "He's meeting the other woman at six! I bet it's that sleazy waitress."
Nikki: "Talk to him already! Stalking always backfires. And don't just hang up on me–"
[Jen hangs up. Nikki frowns and then moves on to spy on Jade, who is lifting something from Things That Beep.]
Nikki: [stopping Jade] "Ahem, going somewhere?"
Jade: "To the cash register?"
Nikki: "Oh yeah, I'm so sure. The jig's up, Jade. You're coming with me." [pulling her out of the store] "I'm gonna introduce you to a rent-a-cop who will scare you straight."
[When Nikki tries to exit the store, the alarms go off, as she is still holding the stolen goods. Ron walks up.]
Nikki: [to Ron] "What? Jade was trying to steal this."
Jade: "You're the one holding it."
Nikki: "No no, only because I took it away from her!"
Ron: "Blaming your misdeeds on this sweet, innocent, golden child? Pathetic." [He takes the box.]
Nikki: "What? N-no-no-no, trust me, she's been stealing stuff all week for my boyfriend. My boyfriend."
Ron: [grabbing Nikki] "You're going downtown, missy. Way downtown." [to Jade] "And you, stay adorable." [He drags Nikki away.]
Nikki: "What? C'mon, I'm innocent! She set me up!"
[Ron leaves with Nikki. Jude skates up to his cousin.]
Jude: "Hey bra. Do you have any of that money the parentals left for us?"
Jade: "Uh. No."
Jude: "Bummer...we kinda need it to like, eat and stuff...how long can you go without food?"

[Wyatt walks towards their meeting place dressed in a suit and tie. His hair is heavily moussed.]
Wyatt: "Oh! Hey, Caitlin."
Caitlin: [dressed normally] "Wyatt! Oh, you look so...nice!" [She sneezes.] "Is that cologne?"
Wyatt: "Yeah." [Caitlin sneezes.] "Indefensible for men. Too much?" [Caitlin sneezes. He sighs.] "Shall we go in?"

[Nikki is sitting in mall jail. She sighs, takes out her phone, and makes a call.]
Jonesy: [answering] "This is the Jonester!"
Nikki: "I need you to come bail me out."
Jonesy: "No can do. Making the course nice and purty for the next singles night."
Nikki: "Yeah? Well I'm in jail because a ten-year-old HAS A CRUSH ON YOU!!!"
Jonesy: "On second thought, this can wait, I'll be right there."

[Wyatt and Caitlin are having dessert at Cafe Coeur Brisé. The atmosphere is pretty poor, given that everyone is breaking up and all around them can be heard crying couples.]
Wyatt: "So..."
Caitlin: [awkwardly] "So. Why the breakup restaurant? Are you trying to tell me something?"
Wyatt: "No, just a classic case of self-sabotage. Wanna...pay up and head to the mini-golf course now?"
Caitlin: "Anything but this!"

[Jen is wearing her glove costume again. She checks the time on her phone.]
Jen: "It's almost six. Time to go to the fountain and catch Travis in the act." [She tries to get out of her costume but finds the zipper is stuck.] "Stupid zipper! Ugh, no time!"

[Jonesy runs into the mall security office.]
Jonesy: "One knight in shining armor, coming up! Hey, where's Ron?"
Jade: [popping up behind the desk] "He's on patrol, and I have his keys."
Jonesy: "Great, so you can let Nikki out."
Jade: "That's gonna cost you."
Jonesy: [admiringly] "Man, you don't miss a trick. Okay, I'll give you anything you want."
Jade: "I want you to be my boyfriend."
Jonesy: "Anything but that." [Jade turns to go.] "Okay, okay, I'll be your boyfriend!"
Nikki: "What?!?"
Jade: "Woo!" [dancing] "I've got a boyfriend, I've got a boyfriend!" [She tosses the keys at Jonesy and leaves.]
Jonesy: [worried] "How am I gonna get out of this?"
Nikki: "Ahem! I'm the one in jail, remember?"
[Jonesy inserts the key into the lock. Ron comes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder.]
Jonesy: "It's not what it looks like! Okay, it's sort of what it looks like!"
Nikki: "Jade stole your keys! She set us up!"
Ron: "Stop blaming everything on that cutie-patootie, you cockroaches!"
Jonesy: "Hey, security cameras don't lie."
[Humoring Jonesy, Ron walks over to his bank of monitors and checks the cameras. Sure enough, one of them has a video of Jade hugging Ron and surreptitiously picking his pocket.]
Jonesy: "You got to admit, the kid is gifted."
[Ron gets up and walks over to Nikki.]
Ron: "I-b-it appears I owe you an-an apology. Ahem. Clearly, she's a pro."
Nikki: "I'll settle for you letting me out."
[Ron sets Nikki free.]

[Caitlin and Wyatt are on the course.]
Wyatt: "Have you ever wondered what makes a golf green so–green?"
Caitlin: [grabbing him] "Let's do this."
[The two pull each other close and kiss. When they finish, though, they look at each other oddly.]
Caitlin: "Um, did you feel any sparks?"
Wyatt: "Maybe we should try again."
[They try again and get the same result.]
Caitlin: "Aren't you into me anymore?"
Wyatt: "I wasn't into you the first time we kissed. I thought I was with that redhead from Huntington's."
Caitlin: "And I thought I was with Bradford."
Wyatt: "Maybe the only reason we felt sparks is because we thought we were kissing our dream dates."
Caitlin: [happily surprised] "You mean–"
Wyatt: "Yeah. The best kiss ever was all in our heads."
Caitlin: "Oh, wow! No offense, but–what a relief!" [She and Wyatt laugh.]
Wyatt: "Yeah. Worst date ever."

[Jen runs up to the escalators but can't stop in time and falls down them.]
Jen: [bouncing] "Aah! Ah! Oh! Aaah! Ow..."
Travis: [to the businessman he's speaking with] "Can we finish the interview later?"
[Travis rushes over to check on Jen. He helps her up.]
Travis: "Was that you in reporter costume before?" [angry] "Why are you spying on me?"
Jen: "You kept blowing me off! And–I might have a teensy problem with paranoia?"
Travis: [sighing] "This isn't working, Jenny."
Jen: "I can do better, I swear! I just need you to give me a little attention!"
Travis: "I know, but–I don't know when I'm ever gonna have time for us. And that's totally not fair to you."
Jen: "Then I guess...it's...over."
Travis: "Aw, Jenny." [He tries to hug her, but can't find a way to get his arms around the costume. Eventually, he sighs and settles for a goodbye kiss.] "Um...See ya."
Jen: "Sure. Absolutely." [to herself] "Don't cry. Whatever you do–" [tears welling up] "–don't–" [She starts crying.]

[Jen is sitting at the table with her friends.]
Jen: [crying] "My first real relationship, and I messed it all up!"
Caitlin: "At least now you know never to date a celebrity. They're so self-absorbed."
[Nikki walks up to the table and sets a carton of ice cream in front of Jen. Jude skates up, Jade following.]
Jude: "Go on. Tell 'em, bra."
Jade: "I kinda used our eating money to buy your gifts, so...I need to return them and get the money back."
Jonesy: [handing over the sunglasses and shoes] "Aw, I was just starting to break 'em in."
Jade: "Wanna play mini-golf later?"
Jonesy: "Nah, I kinda got canned when they found out about the makeout golf."
Jade: "Fired again? What is that, like eighty-six times now? Sorry, Jonesy. I think I need a more stable boyfriend. It's over."
Jude: "Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! You guys were going out?!?"
Jen: [eating ice cream] "Not another breakup!" [She begins crying.]
Jade: [to Nikki] "He's all yours. But if I were you, I'd aim a little higher."
Nikki: "She's got a point."
Jonesy: "Hey!" [He sulks.]

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