The Galleria Mall Ice Rink is a skating rink located in the Galleria Mall. It first appeared in "Snow Job." In that episode, the gang gathered there to skate, and Jude ended up meeting the rink's Zamboni driver, Bruno. Bruno took Jude under his wing and taught him the ropes of being a Zamboni driver. When Jude was banished from the mall later in the episode by Ron, Bruno helped Jude out by retiring and naming Jude as his successor. This effectively made it impossible to banish Jude from the mall, as the ice rink seemingly has an agreement that both grants the Zamboni driver the ability to choose a successor and grants the Zamboni driver possession of the Zamboni; in other words, Jude couldn't be banished unless Ron was willing to shut the ice rink down (or at least find another replacement).

Jude kept this job throughout Season 3, where it served as an occasional setting when the gang went skating or wanted to visit Jude while he was on the job. Its biggest appearances came in "Sweet 6teen," "The New Jonesy," and "Insert Name Here." In Sweet 6teen, the teens went skating on the rink and found out that the ice was poor, which led Jude to learn how to better take care of the rink's ice and construct it better. In "The New Jonesy," Jude started to become known throughout the mall as "Zamboni Dude," and the fame started to go to his head. In "Insert Name Here," Jude fell in love with a beautiful figure skater named Claudette and also found out that Coach Halder was a figure skater.

In Season 4, Jude lost his job. During "6 Teens and A Baby," Jude left Emma Masterson Jr. unattended on the Zamboni, which had rolled out into the mall after its parking brake was accidentally released, which led to his dismissal from the rink for abandoning a minor. After this episode, the ice rink only appeared once more, in "Role Reversal." There, Jonesy hid here after Nikki forgot to ask him to the dance, until Nikki went after him, apologized, and invited him to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

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