The Galleria Mall (often referred to simply as The Mall) is the location where most of 6teen takes place, with a few notable exceptions. Many of the stores parody real-life stores.

According to a count that Jude Lizowski made one day when he was bored (prior to the pilot episode), the Galleria has a total of 936 businesses, though only 43 stores and 36 stores are shown and mentioned respectively, along with a club, an amusement park, and an ice rink. Because it's in Canada and is such a large mall, it is possible that it is either intended to resemble the Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario (the fourth largest shopping mall in Canada) or the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta (the largest shopping mall in North America and the largest shopping mall in the world until 2004).

Recurring Stores

Mentioned Stores

These are stores that have been mentioned but never seen.

  • Belts, Belts, Belts! (mentioned repeatedly throughout the series)
  • Nothing-Over-A-Dollar (mentioned in "The Slow and the Even-Tempered" and in "In a Retail Wonderland..." Jonesy worked here)
  • The Staple Hut (mentioned in "Mr. Nice Guy;" Jonesy worked here, but got fired)
  • The Shoe Pit (mentioned in "Mr. Nice Guy;" Jonesy worked here)
  • The Denim Hole (mentioned in "Mr. Nice Guy;" Jonesy worked here)
  • Booktropolis (mentioned in "The Fake Date;" Jonesy worked here, but got fired)
  • Lederhosen Larry's (mentioned in "The Girls in the Band;" Jonesy worked here as a Mountain Maid once)
  • The Scotch Tape Emporium (mentioned in "Employee of the Month;" Coach Halder had a date with the manager)
  • The Banana Shack (mentioned in "Clonesy")
  • Engrave This (mentioned in "The (Almost) Graduate;" Jonesy worked here, but got fired)
  • Gooey Cream Doughnuts (mentioned in "The Swami;" Julie wanted to apply for a job here. The store name is a pun on the Krispy Kreme franchise of doughnut shops)
  • Bikini Republic (mentioned in "Pillow Talk;" the store name is a pun on Banana Republic, a company known for beach clothing)
  • The Strudel Station (mentioned in "The New Guy;" Jonesy worked here, but got fired)
  • Banana Village (mentioned in "The New Guy")
  • That's Just Grape (mentioned in "Losing Your Lemon;" the name is a pun on the saying "That's just great.")
  • Get Wiggy With It (mentioned in "The Hunted;" the name is a pun on the Fresh Prince song "Get Jiggy with It.")
  • Nice Lamps (mentioned in "Lights Out;" Jonesy worked here, but got fired)
  • Pet Planet (mentioned in "Lights Out")
  • Bargain Bay (mentioned in "Lights Out")
  • Four Eyes Supplies (mentioned in "Smarten Up")
  • Roast Burkey Chunklets (mentioned in "The Khaki Girl;" Jonesy worked here, but got fired)
  • Meat Chunklets (mentioned in "The New Jonesy")
  • New Jersey Sweet Potatoes (mentioned in "J is For Genius")
  • Soup's On (mentioned in "Cheapskates")
  • Plus-Size Palooza (mentioned in "Date and Switch")
  • Boots 'n' Bags (mentioned in "Life Slaver")
  • Button Barn (mentioned in "Blast From The Past")
  • Thong Town (mentioned in "Blast From The Past")
  • Slacker's Slacks (mentioned in "Blast From The Past")
  • Carpet Wars (mentioned in "Blast From The Past")
  • Things That Start With O (mentioned in "Blast From The Past")
  • Immortal Diamonds (mentioned in "Blast From The Past;" Jonesy worked here, but got fired)
  • Copy Bats (mentioned in "The List;" Jonesy worked here)
  • Bargain Fashion Hut (mentioned in "The List")
  • Battery Stop (mentioned in "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!")
  • Bubble Box (mentioned in "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2;" Jonesy worked here, but got fired)

Club X-S

The mall has a club that the gang try to enter using fake IDs with the help of Courtney in "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!" The club presumably has a bar as well, because it refuses to allow in anybody under the age of 21 and Jen refers to it as a bar at one point.

Amusement Park


The amusement park entrance.

The mall has an amusement park that is presumably located near the center of the mall. This park has many attractions, including what was said in "The Sushi Connection" to be the world's largest indoor rollercoaster, the Vomit Comet. The park made the majority of its appearances in early episodes, such as "The Big Sickie" when Jonesy worked there, and "The Sushi Connection," where it was one of the places Kyle Donaldson took Caitlin on their date. It also appeared in "Clonesy," when Nikki and Jonesy went here on an "extended lunch break" from the Khaki Barn.

Ice Rink

The mall has an ice rink. Jude worked his third job here as a Zamboni driver. The ice arena first appears in "Snow Job" and makes many subsequent appearances after that.


  • The Penalty Box is either the 181st or the 190th store in the mall.
  • The mall opens for cleaning (and probably for some employees) at 6:00 A.M. Its official opening time (to the public and consumers) is at 10:00 A.M.
  • In "The New Jonesy," Ron states, while outside Grind Me, "All is quiet in sector 16." There may be a division system of the Galleria Mall that is currently unknown.
  • In "Dude of the Living Dead," it is revealed that before the Galleria Mall became their main hangout, the gang spent most of their time hanging out in Wyatt's basement, which they didn't like because "it smells weird down there".
  • Although it's never stated where in Canada the mall is, it's likely somewhere in Toronto (or at least within the greater Toronto area), since there are numerous references to the Toronto Maple Leafs (an NHL team in Canada) but none to any other sports teams in any other Canadian cities.


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