The Escalator Girls are a gang of mean girls that hang out at the escalator near the Big Squeeze. They steal from and bully people that invade "their territory." Among their many enemies are Jude, Jen, and Nikki.

They first appear in "Dirty Work." There, Jen loses her house keys and the Escalator Girls gain possession of them when they slide over to the escalator. This leads Jude to reveal that he once lost a skateboard to them when it rolled over to the escalator and he left it behind. Jen's reaction to the tough girls is initially fear, as she's unwilling to try to get her keys back and spends her time trying to figure out a way to avoid them. However, when she sees Stanley being bullied by them, she confronts them and manages to get her keys and Jude's skateboard back–albeit only because they had been misinformed by Jonesy that Jen was a champion kickboxer who had once killed a guy in a fight.

At the end of the episode, Nikki threw Caitlin's face-destroying makeup over to them. The Escalator Girls took it, and soon suffered breakouts of acne when all of them used it. After that, they didn't have a major appearance until "Kylie Smylie," where they bullied Jude repeatedly and threw Nikki into a trashcan. This led Nikki to declare war on them, and came up with a plan where Jude would distract them using a bungee cord while she snuck up behind them to give them all wedgies. This plan worked, and ended with the Escalator Girls being banned from the mall by Ron for violating the rule against indecent exposure of underthings.

Despite this, before being banned from the mall, the Escalator Girls were occasionally seen not bullying others. In "2-4-1," two of them are seen in the background when Blake reads Caitlin a poem. In "All Pets Are Off," the red-haired Escalator Girl attempts to help an old man use a self-serve ticket machine. Two of them are also seen in "The One with the Cold Sore," looking to audition for a role in the movie that was being filmed at Grind Me. In "Fashion Victims," one of them is seen in line at the Big Squeeze. Finally, in "Blast From The Past," two of them are seen at the art show.


  • The green-haired Escalator Girl speaks with a Brooklyn accent.


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