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Emma Masterson Jr.
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Black
Relationship Emma Masterson Sr. (mother), Jen Masterson (half sister), Courtney Masterson (half sister), Caitlin Cooke
Nicknames Emma
First Appearance Whoa, Baby (mentioned)
Labour Day - Part 2 (physical)
Last Appearance Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2

Emma Masterson Jr. is the daughter of Emma Masterson and Mr. Garcia. She's the half sister of Courtney and Jen Masterson (Emma's daughters from a previous marriage) and Jonesy, Diego and Robbie Garcia (Mr. Garcia's sons from a previous marriage).

In the episode "Whoa, Baby", Emma Sr. announced she was pregnant. She also ended up having an ultrasound test done to discover what sex her baby will be. Ultimately, in part 2 of the episode "Labour Day", Emma Jr. was born. It was revealed that Mr. Garcia came up with the idea to name their new daughter after Emma Sr., his second wife.

Emma Jr's second apperance was in the episode "6 Teens and A Baby", where Jen's tasked with keeping an eye on her while her mother and Mr. Garcia go out for the day. The rest of the main six is ultimately roped in to helping Emma Jr., and after much mayhem, Jen gets Emma Jr. back safe and sound. Just before Jen can get Emma Jr. home before their parents find out what really happened, Emma Jr. reveals (through Jude) that she and Emma Sr. were a little nervous about leaving the baby with Jen, due to the teen's lack of experience with being an older sibling. However, before Jonesy can start gloating about this, Emma Jr. reveals that Emma Sr. still had more confidence in Jen than Jonesy, since Jen's at least way more responsible and is a much more effective babysitter.

She made an appearance as a cameo in part 2 of "Bye Bye Nikki?", the series finale.



  • Jen Masterson - Emma Jr.'s big half-sister. She loves Jen and sees her as the more responsible one in comparison to Jonesy.
  • Jonesy Garcia - Her big half-brother. Jonesy doesn't exactly know how to take care of a baby girl so she finds her the less responsible one. Despite this, they do deeply love each other.
  • Nikki Wong - Despite not being blood related, Nikki is a loving and affectionate aunt-like figure to Emma. Nikki adores her and she has the ability to make Emma smile instantly. Emma shows to love Nikki's company too but she does start crying when Nikki starts to act temperamental and threatening to the Clones.
  • Wyatt Williams - Emma loves Wyatt's music. She smiles instantly when hearing it and even applauded at one point.
  • Caitlin Cooke - It's a little hard to tell if Emma likes Caitlin or not as she is the only person that hasn't been able to make Emma stop crying. Caitlin is still sweet to her and is happy when she is around....until she starts puking.
  • Jude Lizowski - She seems to like Jude, especially when he lets her sit on his zambonni. She also seems to be the person she can really talk to (as Jude is able to understand a baby's coo-ing).


  • In "6 Teens and A Baby," Emma Jr. explains (through Jude) that Emma Sr. was a little nervous about leaving Emma Jr. with Jen, mostly due to Jen's lack of experience with being an older sibling, but finds Jen to be much more responsible than Jonesy, despite Jonesy having more experience at being an older sibling.