Gender Male
Relationship Jonesy (attempted)
First Appearance The Big Sickie

The cowboy appears in several episodes, most notably "Stupid Over Cupid". He is unnamed and it is unknown who he is voiced by. He is always dressed in a white cowboy hat with a brown strip across it that covers his eyes, a reddish-pink shirt tucked into his jeans, a bandana around his neck, and blue jeans with brown fringe. It is assumed that he is in his thirties or forties.

The cowboy first appears in "The Big Sickie". He doesn't speak in that episode, but appears while Wyatt is recounting his recurring nightmare about a cowboy showing up to beat him up after he ran off with the cowboy's wife. Although the cowboy doesn't speak or even really notice Wyatt, this spooks Wyatt, and he runs off. He also appears in the next episode, where he offers Wyatt usage of his lucky bull's tail while Wyatt is mourning the loss of his lucky leather jacket, and he has a line in "The Sushi Connection" that he says to Nikki while shopping at the Khaki Barn. Interestingly, this last instance was his first interaction with a member of the gang who wasn't Wyatt.

His largeset appearance is in "Stupid Over Cupid." There, he appears at the start of the episode, when he buys a heart-shaped box full of meat from Stick It. He initially thought it was chocolate, but when Jude convinced him that meat was romantic, he also bought a bouquet of flowers made of pork.

Later in the episode, he spots Jonesy's "Win a Date with Jonesy!" booth and signs up for a date. He places a bid on Jonesy, and ends up being one of the final three competitors (along with Julie and an unnamed girl). He was eventually outbid by Nikki (at Jonesy's insistence), but was very willing to go out with Jonesy even though Jonesy wasn't interested in him.

After this episode, the cowboy does not speak again throughout the show's run. His most major appearance after this is in "Dude of the Living Dead," where he (as a zombie) is killed by an extremely hot stick-it, and as a consequence is one of the dead zombies that inspires Jude's final plan. Despite this, he shows up frequently as a background character, browsing in stores or walking through the mall.


  • The cowboy is apparently a fan of country music, as he is often seen in the country section of Spin This looking at albums.
  • The cowboy's willingness to go out with Jonesy suggests that he's either gay or bisexual. This would make him the first character in the series to be gay or bisexual.
    • There are four characters that are confirmed to like the same gender: the cowboy, Connie, Kevin, and Jean.


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