Cory Halder
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Relationship Jen (broken up)
First Appearance Breaking Up with the Boss' Son
Last Appearance A Ding from Down Under
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic
Cory Halder is the son of Coach Halder and a Penalty Box employee. He dated Jen in his first appearance. After their breakup, he apparently transferred to another store, but still works at a Penalty Box franchise.

Cory first appeared in "Breaking Up with the Boss' Son." There, he started off as Jen's co-worker, and she developed a crush on him. She was entranced by him until she learned that his father was Coach Halder, at which point she started to worry about what it would be like to date his son. Some of the problems she imagined included the fact that if she went over to his house, she'd be going over to Coach's house, and the fact that she had called his father a "bonehead" in front of him.

She eventually decided to ask him out, however, and he agreed. Their date was horrible, though, as Cory was self-absorbed and spent most of the date either talking about himself or watching sports. When Jen described the date to her friends, she called it the worst date that she'd ever been on and said that she wanted to break up with him. Her friends cautioned her against this, though, as they feared that he might retaliate by getting his father to fire her. Caitlin instead suggested that she go out with him again, but this time be the worst girlfriend possible: act clingy, use pet names, and be overly girlish. Jen tried this on their next date, but it initially seemed to backfire, as he seemed to enjoy all of her activities. Eventually, Jen got fed up and broke up with him, only to find out that he didn't have a good time with her either and was dating her because his father feared that she could sue the store for harassment if he didn't continue going out with her.

They parted amicably after breaking up, and he allegedly transferred employment to a different store location. He returned in "A Ding from Down Under." There, he and his father practiced for a paintball tournament in the Penalty Box, using Jen for target practice. Eventually, this treatment drove Jen over the edge, and she got a paintball rifle, which she used to shoot Cory and his father.



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