Gender Female
Hair color Purple (dyed)
Eye color Brown
Relationship Jean
First Appearance Snow Job
Last Appearance Role Reversal
Voiced by Sheila McCarthy
Connie is the drummer in Wyatt's band. She has unruly purple hair and is often seen wearing a green tank top. She appears in "Snow Job," "Selling Out To The Burger Man," and "Role Reversal."

Connie's first appearance came in "Snow Job." There, she had lines in two scenes. In the first one, she was seen studying German with Marlowe in the food court when Wyatt came up to talk to Marlowe in an attempt to work up the courage to ask her out. Wyatt got nervous and attempted to pretend that he could help them study, but soon revealed that he didn't speak a word of German. He then ran off because he knew that he had looked like a fool. Connie called him a dolt after he left.

Later in the episode, she and Marlowe discovered Wyatt rooting through Marlowe's purse. This further solidified Connie's view of Wyatt and brought him down in Marlowe's estimation as well. Connie's only line in this scene was to call him a "freak." This line was the last one she spoke in the series.

Since then, Connie has only made minor appearances. She showed up at the end of the episode as the drummer for the band when they played at the dance, and showed up as the drummer again in "Selling Out To The Burger Man." Although she didn't speak onscreen in that episode, she presumably was one of the members who chose to kick him out of the group after being forced to dress in a food costume (in her case, a corn dog) by Burger McFlipster's.

Despite kicking him out in this episode, in "Date and Switch" Wyatt and Marlowe talk about band work. It is possible that Marlowe later quit as well and formed a new band with Wyatt, or that Wyatt was allowed to rejoin the band (given that he was the frontman and presumably the main songwriter) after he got the band out of their contract with Burger McFlipster's. Her last appearance was in "Role Reversal" in a cameo at the dance. There, she was seen with Jean and was presumably her date to the dance. However, in the previous episode, she is seen at the speed-dating event, seated across from a guy. This suggests that Connie is bisexual.


  • Connie is one of four characters that are confirmed to like the same gender romantically. The others are the cowboy, Kevin, and her date Jean.


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