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[Jen has just finished unloading some shoeboxes. She sighs heavily and wipes her brow. Coach Halder comes up behind her and blows a whistle.]
Coach Halder: "Sissy soccer cleats don't go up front and center!"
Jen: "I happen to like soccer."
Coach Halder: "Five-minute foul!"
[Jen goes over and has a seat in the penalty box, where one of her male co-workers is already sitting.]
Jen: "Ugh, stupid Coach!" [She looks over to her boxmate and realizes that he's rather cute.]
Griffin: "Hi, I'm Griffin."
Jen: "Jen. So what'd you do to end up in the penalty box on your first day?"
Griffin: "It was probably the unsanctioned breath I took earlier." [breathing] "Oops, there's another."
Jen: [chuckling] "Oh, but it's so worth it for all the minimum-wage bucks we make!"
Griffin: [looking at Jen] "You mean it's uh, it's worth it for all the hot chicks."
[Jen looks around.]
Jen: "Oh, y-you mean me!" [She giggles shyly.]
Griffin: "I-I know we don't really know each other, but maybe we could hang out sometime."
Jen: "How's tonight?" [She blushes.] "Too eager?"
Griffin: "No, no. I like a girl who knows what she wants. Pick you up at eight?"
Jen: "Eight it is." [Griffin exits the penalty box.] "Later!" [dancing] "I rock! I rock! I rock! I ro–"
[She stops. Griffin is watching her.]
Griffin: "I'm still here."
Jen: [groaning] "Can we pretend I didn't just do that?"
Griffin: "No, you definitely did it. Nice moves. But we can pretend I didn't see it."
Jen: "That works too."

The opening credits roll.
The title of this episode is

[Jen is talking to Caitlin and Nikki by the Big Squeeze.]
Jen: "And then, even though I did a stupidly embarrassing dance, Griffin still asked me out!"
Jen and Caitlin: "EEEEE!"
Nikki: "Sounds like a keeper. Where are you guys going?"
Caitlin: "A stroll around the fake lake? Oh, maybe some nosh at that French café? Or a midnight makeout session under the stars?"
Jen: "No clue. Guess my date with Griffin will be a total surprise."
[The guys walk up to the table.]
Wyatt: "Got a date?"
Jen: "Eeee! At eight!"
Jonesy: "That'll give you time to do something with that hair."
Jen: "What's wrong with my hair?" [A stray hair pops up.]
Jonesy: "Guess the guy's beyond looks." [Nikki punches him.] "Ow!"
Jen: "I'm going home to change."
Caitlin: [calling after her] "A little lipstick and mascara wouldn't hurt either!"
[Offscreen, Jen groans. Jude takes a sip of his drink and swishes his soda around in his mouth.]
Wyatt: "Jude, what're you doing?"
Jude: "You hold it in your mouth a bit, then you swallow, dude." [He does so again.] "Unlocks the flavor."
Caitlin: "Please, Jude, stop swishing!" [holding her crotch] "I've have to pee so badly!"
Nikki: "I've got a suggestion. Go. To. The bathroom."
Caitlin: "And use the gross mall washrooms? No way! I can hold it!"
Jonesy: "Have I ever told you guys how much I love waterslides? Woosh! Woosh!"
Caitlin: "Jonesy!"
Wyatt: "Almost as much as I love Niagara Falls? Whish! Whish!"
Caitlin: "Wyatt!"
Nikki: "Personally, I love sprinklers. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch!"
Jonesy: "Woosh! Woosh!"
Wyatt: "Whish! Whish!"
Nikki: "Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch!"
Caitlin: "I can't hold it any longer!" [She grabs Nikki's arm and drags her away.]
Nikki: "Hey! What do you need me for?"
Caitlin: "You did this to me! I'm not going into those sicko washrooms alone."

[A long stream of yellow droplets sprays out.]
Jonesy: "Uh, dude? Caitlin's gone." [Jude stops spitting.]
Jude: "Oops." [Ron clamps his hand down on Jude's shoulder.]
Ron: "I could haul you in for liquid littering, maggots." [He is wearing odd, gigantic goggles.]
Jude: "What's with the weird glasses, mall cop dude?"
Ron: "They're infrared goggles. The latest in crime-fighting technology."
Wyatt: "Infrared goggles? Cool!"
Jonesy: "Can they see through clothing? Enh? Enh?"
Ron: "Goggles are not a toy, street meat! They detect heat, and red is the color of guilt! Innocent people don't sweat!" [A sweaty man walks by, having clearly come from the gym. He is very red on Ron's goggles.] "Stop! You're clearly guilty of something!" [Ron chases the man.]
Penalty Box Customer: [running] "Aah! I just came from the gym!"

[Nikki and Caitlin are still in the restrooms.]
Nikki: "Are you done yet? I have to get to work." [hearing herself] "What am I saying? Take all the time you need." [Caitlin exits her stall.]
Caitlin: "Thanks for coming with me, Nikki. The moral support makes it not so gross." [She tries to get some soap.] "Oh no! I can't wash my hands!"
Nikki: "Relax, I've got some hand sanitizer." [She squeezes hand sanitizer into Caitlin's hands.]
Caitlin: "I knew I brought you here for a reason!"
[A voice wafts through the ducts, speaking Spanish.]
Caitlin: "Oh, I've always wanted to date a Spanish guy. You're so lucky!"
Nikki: "Mmm, you've lost me."
Caitlin: "Jonesy is a Garcia."
Nikki: [laughing] "Oh yeah, the only thing Spanish about Jonesy is his love of salsa. As in the condiment, not the dance." [More Spanish is heard.] "Maybe now is your chance. Get out there and bag that Spanish hottie."
Caitlin: "You are the best bathroom wingwoman ever!" [She grabs Nikki and tows her outside. A dark haired, tanned teenager in tight pants exits the men's room.] "Oh, he's so dark and mysterious! Only a hot Euro guy could pull off such tight pants."
Nikki: "Can you imagine the guys in those?"
[Nikki does so. It is not a pretty image, especially when Jude adjusts himself in the pants.]
Nikki: "Ooh. Ooh. I need to sanitize my brain. Okay, now's your chance! Go talk to him!"
Caitlin: "Not yet, Nikki! First, I'm gonna learn Spanish, so we can speak the language of love."
Nikki: "Wait. You're gonna learn an entire language just so you can date a guy?"
Caitlin: "I've already dated all the eligible English-speaking ones."
Nikki: "True."
[The two leave. Another teenager exits the restroom.]
Jasper: [looking after them] "Man, would I ever like to ask that cute blonde out!"
Jasper's Friend: "Si, you must! La vida es corta!" [Jasper looks at him, confused.] "Life is short."
Jasper: "I'll do it! Tomorrow."
Jasper's Friend: [rolling his eyes] "Estupido."
Jasper: "Hey! I understood that!"

[The gang are gathered around the table. Only Jen is missing.]
Caitlin: "I can't wait for my Spanish language tapes to arrive! Then I can ask out my Spanish hottie!"
Jonesy: "Tell me one thing Spanish people have ever done for the world."
Nikki: "Hmm, let's see. Well, they discovered America, created some of the world's most recognized dances, and revolutionized modern art." [Her friends stare at her.] "Hello, Picasso?"
Jonesy: "I said name one thing."
Wyatt: "Doesn't your dad speak Spanish? You should ask him to teach you."
Jonesy: "I already know all the Spanish I'll ever need."
Caitlin: "Oh, teach me, teach me, teach me!"
Jonesy: "Repeat after me: idiota!"
Nikki: [clamping a hand over Caitlin's mouth] "Don't listen to Jonesy. He only knows swear words."
[Jonesy gasps. Jen is walking towards the table. She is all made up and wearing a purple dress.]
Jude: "Whoa, bra! You look sa-mo-kin!"
Jonesy: "You're one hot mama. I mean, stepsis." [His friends stare at him.] "What? Too weird?"
Wyatt: "Yep."
Nikki: "Definitely."
Jude: "Affirmative, bro."
Caitlin: "You and Griffin are gonna have the best first date ever!"
Griffin: [walking up] "Hi Jen. Wow. You look amazing! Ready to go?"
Jen: "Definitely." [They walk away.]
Caitlin: "Griffin sure has all the right moves."
Wyatt: "That is one good looking fellow!" [His friends stare at him.] "Too weird?"
Jonesy: "Yep."
Jude: "Affirmative, bro."
Nikki: "Definitely."

[Jen and Griffin are waiting in line at the Gigantoplex.]
Jen: "I've been waiting all week to see Minor Movie Star. It got three popcorn tubs out of five."
Griffin: "I heard Jessica Stinson's acting range went from flirty to flirty and bouncy."
[Jen giggles. Griffin checks his wallet.]
Griffin: "Oh. I–I seem to be a little short."
Jen: [taking some money out of her purse] "No worries. You can pay me back." [The ticket seller closes her window.] "Oh no! They're sold out!"
Griffin: "Forget the movie. I have an even better idea."

[Jen and Griffin are sitting on a porch swing.]
Griffin: "You are so beautiful in this light. Remind me to thank my friend for sneaking us in."
Jen: [giggling] "Who knew a window display could be so romantic?"
Griffin: "Plus it's a great deal." [He holds up a 50% off sign.] "Fifty percent off. Are you still hungry?"
Jen: "Got any more free samples of that great soup from Soup's On?"
Griffin: "No, but can I interest you in a biscotti chunk and a coffee sample from Grind Me?"
Jen: "Thanks!"
[Jen takes them and leans back contentedly.]

[Caitlin is listening to her tapes while at work.]
Caitlin: "My name is Caitlin. Me llamo Caitlin."
Stuart Goldstein: [looking at his drink] "But–this isn't what I ordered."
Caitlin: "I am injured. Where's the nearest hospital?"
Stuart Goldstein: "Northovich."
Caitlin: "Estoy herida. Donde esta el hospital mas proximo?" [Jen runs up to her.] "Hola. So how did the big date go last night?" [She takes off her earphones.]
Jen: "Muy amazing. The movie was sold out, so Griffin and I spent the whole night on the porch swing in Willows and Williams swinging and talking..."
Caitlin: "EEEE! That is so romantic!"
Jen: "Then, Griffin brought us free food samples, and we had a window display picnic! He's so sweet!"
Nikki: "When are you guys going out again?"
Jen: "Not sure, he hasn't called yet."
Caitlin: "Don't worry, he will. There's definitely a next-day calling rule for great first dates." [Jen's phone rings.] "See? Told ya."
Jen: [answering] "Hello?"
Griffin: "Hey, Jen, I had a great time last night. Wanna do it again tonight?"
Jen: "Okay. Can't wait."
Griffin: "Bye."
Jen: "Bye." [She hangs up.] "Oh no! What have I done?"
Nikki: "Uh, you agreed to go out with a guy you really like?"
Jen: "But I don't know if I can follow up with last night's perfect date! What if the next one's a flop?" [She groans.]
Nikki: "I guess Jonesy and I could tag along. A little double-dating action to take the pressure off?"
Jen: "AAAH!" [She leaps over and hugs Nikki.]
Nikki: "Whoa!"
Jen: "You're the bestest!"
Nikki: "Oh–" [chuckling] "I'll take that as a yes."

[Ron peeks out of the bushes, watching steadily with his infrared goggles. Jude skates by.]
Ron: "Slow down, maggot! This isn't a speedway!"
Jude: "Whoa! Ah-ho!" [He loses control and crashes.]
Ron: "Hmm..." [He spots a taco hidden in a teenager's pocket.] "That's it!" [He grabs the taco.] "Stealing tacos, I see? You're coming with me, mister!" [The boy's stomach rumbles, and he prepares to fart.] "Take cover! NNNOOOOOOOO!!!" [Ron hits the floor by Jude.] "There's got to be a mall ordinance against unlawful gas emissions."
Jude: "Dude! Can you see farts with those things?"
Ron: "Yes soldier." [Jude reaches for the goggles.] "You want the goggles!" [He laughs.] "You can't handle the goggles!"

[Caitlin is still listening to the tapes.]
Caitlin: "Would you like to go to the movies? Te gustaria al cine? How about dinner? Te gustaria cena?"
[Jasper is looking on nervously as Caitlin practices her Spanish.]
Jasper's Friend: "You must not let amore slip away. Embrace it while you can!" [He pushes his friend forward.]
Caitlin: "Hola. Me llamo Caitlin. Te gustaria ir al cine?"
[Jasper looks around, nervous and confused. Caitlin blushes.]
Caitlin: [desperate] "Te gustaria cena?"
[Jasper shrugs and walks away unhappily.]
Caitlin: "Disastre."
Jasper's Friend: [eager] "What did she say?"
Jasper: "I didn't understand a word she said. Because she's Spanish!"
Jasper's Friend: "Lucky for you, so am I."

[Jonesy and Nikki are at El Sporto's on their double date with Jen and Griffin.]
Jonesy: "I can't decide between the NFL fries or the NHL nachos."
Nikki: "He'll have the fries." [to Jonesy] "I'm not sitting through an entire movie with your heinous jalepeño breath."
Jen: "I'll have the World Cup tostitos. How about you, Griffin?"
Griffin: "Uh–" [checking his wallet] "Just water for me. I'm not hungry."
[Jonesy and Nikki look at each other, uncomfortable.]
Jen: [whispering] "I can loan you some money."
Griffin: "Being with you is all the sustenance I need." [He kisses Jen's cheek.]

[A while later, everyone but Griffin is chowing down.]
Griffin: "I'll just enjoy my nice, cold tomato soup." [He sighs and squirts some ketchup into his water.]
Jen: "Oh!" [sliding her plate over] "Well, what's mine is yours. I'll never be able to finish."
[Griffin begins eating like a starved man.]
Griffin: [to Jonesy and Nikki] "Are you gonna eat all those?"
Jonesy: [pulling his plate away] "I'm gonna try."

[Jude skates up to a corner and ducks behind it. He looks out at Ron, who is napping in his security cart.]
Jude: "I gotta have those goggles! Wherever there's gas to pass, the Fart Man will be there!"
[Jude creeps over to the cart and reaches for the goggles. He lays hands on them, and Ron stirs.]
Ron: "Ahh...Mommy, sing me a lullaby."
Jude: [singing quietly] "Rock-a-bye rent-a-cop, in his golf cart/When the fart blows, Jude's world will rock."
[Jude is able to gently take the infrared goggles from Ron. He smiles.]
Jude: [whispering] "Don't worry, mall cop dude! I'll bring them back good as new!" [He puts the goggles on.]

[Griffin has cleaned off everyone's plates, leaving the other three still hungry.]
Griffin: [noticing the look on Jen's face] "Oh, sorry, Jen! Did you want it?"
Jen: "It's okay. I like to leave room for movie popcorn."
[The waitress comes by with the bill, and Griffin gets up.]
Griffin: "Ooh, I gotta use the facilities. Not like I ordered anything anyway." [He leaves the table.]
Jonesy: [upset] "No, you just ate all our food!" [to Jen] "Thanks for roping us into an evening with El Cheapo."
Jen: "Griffin's not cheap!"
Nikki: "Whatever. Let's pay and get out of here. Movie starts in ten." [They put their money on the tray.] "Okay, there are two extra loonies. Who wants bus fare?"
Griffin: [appearing out of nowhere] "If nobody else wants it..." [He takes the coins. Jen and Griffin walk away while Nikki and Jonesy share a look. The waitress comes back.]
Waitress: "Hey, aren't you our new busboy?"
Jonesy: "Who, me? Maybe. I'm on break?" [He giggles nervously.]

[The four daters are at the front of the line.]
Griffin: [angry] "How come seniors get a discount and students don't? Ugh, this is a gross social injustice!" [quieter] "You know what, let's sneak in the back way. That'll teach 'em to overcharge!"
Jonesy: "Sorry, but I've been waiting all week to see Karate Ki-ya."
Nikki: "Yeah. I'm not in the mood to spend the night in Ron's jail cell."
Griffin: [whispering to Jen] "You're not going to let these buzzkills ruin it, are you?"
Jen: "EEE! I feel so dangerous!"

[Shortly thereafter, Jen and Griffin are pushed out of the theater. They are followed by Jonesy and Nikki.]
Jonesy: "No fair! We paid!"
Ron: "Friends don't let friends break the mall law. Now, I've got a goggle-stealing perp to smoke out!"
[Ron walks away. The four teenagers get to their feet.]
Griffin: [to Jen] "Can I walk you home? There's a full moon tonight."
Nikki: "Home? But it's over an hour's walk."
Jonesy: "Hope you brought your walking shoes; Griffin stole our bus fare."

[Caitlin is wearing a red dress at work. Jen slowly walks up to the Big Squeeze.]
Caitlin: "Que pasa!"
Nikki: "Could ask you the same thing."
Caitlin: "Wearing tassels makes me feel more Spanish. And these salsa shoes are surprisingly comfortable."
Jen: "Wish I could say the same thing about mine." [She kicks off her shoes, revealing swollen, bloody feet.] "Ohh, yeah." [She wiggles her newly-freed toes.]
Caitlin: [gasping] "Jen! What happened to your hideous feet?"
Jen: "Griffin and I walked home from the mall last night."
Caitlin: "But that's over an hour's walk!"
Nikki: "Believe me, we know."
Jen: "It was all worth it. I think Griffin's–"
Caitlin: "The one?"
[Jen nods.]
Griffin: [arriving with a coffee and a box] "The bandages you ordered, and a coffee to numb the pain."
Jen: "Aw, thanks Griffin!" [She tries to put a band-aid on, but it just slides off her foot. The same thing happens with the next one she tries.] "The glue's all dried up. Maybe you should return the bandages to the pharmacy and get your money back."
Griffin: "I could, except I bought them at Cheapo Bin for a buck."
Jonesy: "Why pay retail when you can go wholesale, right Griffin?"
Griffin: "Right you are, my man!" [Jen frowns.] "Whoa! Lemon squishies are pricy! What drink has the most lemon for my money?"
Caitlin: "Lemon-ade. That'll be three fifty."
Griffin: [checking his pockets] "Uh, yeah uh, Jen, spot me a fiver?"
Jen: [looking at her money] "Guess I'm a little short today."
Caitlin: [handing over the drink] "Here. It's on the house."
Jen: "Thanks Cait. Bye guys!"
[Jen and Griffin walk away sipping their drinks.]
Wyatt: "I don't get it. What does Jen see in that guy?"
Caitlin: "She's going broke bankrolling his cheap butt!"
Jonesy: "I saw El Cheapo eating mustard packets for breakfast."
Nikki: "I saw him stealing toilet paper from the washroom."
Wyatt: "I saw him in Grind Me, putting all the leftover coffee into a mug. Then he asked the barista to nuke it."
Nikki: "Please tell me that's not the coffee he just gave to Jen."
Nikki, Jonesy, Caitlin, and Wyatt: "UGH!"
Jasper: [walking by] "Hola, hermosa." [He blows Caitlin a kiss.]
Jonesy: [standing up] "Did that guy just call you a hermosa? I'll kill him!"
Nikki: [stopping Jonesy] "Do you even know what that means?" [Jonesy shrugs.]
Caitlin: "Neither do I! Jen may be dating El Cheapo, but at least she understands what her guy is saying!"

[Ron drives through the food court.]
Ron: "I'll find you, you goggle-stealing no-good!"
[After Ron drives by, Jude looks after him through the goggles. He hears a fart.]
Jude: "Whoa." [He looks towards the fart and sees another one with the goggles.] "Awesome!"

[Jasper and his friend are standing by idly while Caitlin cleans the counter at work.]
Jasper's Friend: "In Spain, we romance through the dance. You have learned muy bien."
Jasper: "But what if I trip? What if I forget the steps? Or worse, step on her toes?"
Jasper's Friend: "I will be here to coach you the entire time." [handing over an earbud] "See?"
[Jasper affixes the earbud in his ear and walks over to Caitlin. He grabs her arm.]
Caitlin: "Wow, you–" [Jasper stuffs a rose into her mouth.] "Ouch!"
[Jasper pulls Caitlin out of the lemonade stand and begins dancing with her.]
Jasper: "Sus ojos estan grandes. Sus labios estan tan...enchados." [He pulls her along in the dance.]
Caitlin: [muffled] "I can't feel my lips!"

[A man enters a stall in the bathrooms and soon runs out screaming. Jude was crouched behind the toilet.]
Jude: "Wait, dude! It's all in the name of fart forensics!"

[Jen walks through work with a heavy pile of shoeboxes. She has switched to flip-flops.]
Jen: "Ow! Ooh! Ow! Ow! Ooh! Ouch!"
Coach Halder: "Feet bleeding on the job. That's dedication, Masterson!" [Jen sets the boxes down.]
Griffin: "I've got a romantic date all planned. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes!"
Jen: [excited] "Okay! EEE!"

[Jude walks up to his friends with a trayful of tacos.]
Jude: [putting them on the table] "Who's hungry?"
Jonesy: "For free tacos? Always!" [He begins eating one.]
Nikki: "What's with force-feeding us refried beans, Jude?"
Jude: "I gotta see more infrared farts before Ron takes his goggles back!"
Wyatt: [disturbed] "You want to watch me fart? I-I don't know what to say."
Jonesy: "Sit tight, Jude. You're about to see something special."

[Jen and Griffin are at a library reading of a children's book.]
Jen: "This is your idea of a romantic date?"
Griffin: "I'm a little short on cash. Oh! Ssh! They're about to start the reading."
Librarian: [reading] "The leprechaun searched everywhere for that elusive rainbow."
[Stanley shoots Jen with his gun.]
Jen: "Ouch!"
Stanley: "Loser!"
Jen: [sighing] "I'm beginning to think you're right."

[The date has moved to the pet store.]
Jen: "A free pet store tour?" [looking at some rabbits] "Aw, those bunnies are cute!" [She hears squawking and turns around to see Griffin wrestling with a parrot over some birdseed.] "Griffin! What are you doing? That birdseed is for the parrot!"
Griffin: [eating some seed] "Don't see the parrot's name on it."

[Later, Jen and Griffin are sitting on a bench. Griffin still has the bag of birdseed.]
Jen: "Are we waiting for something?"
[Griffin breaks into laughter.]
Griffin: "Oh, people-watching really is the best entertainment."
Jen: "Yeah, I'm a bit hungry. Maybe we can get something to eat?"
Griffin: "Oh, here." [He tosses her the bag.] "I brought extra for you."
Jen: "Thanks for the uh, 'date', Griffin, but I'm gonna take off."
Griffin: "Wait! You can't leave yet!"
Jen: "There can't possibly be anything free that we haven't already done!"
Griffin: "Uh, I need bus fare. Can I bum some till payday?"
Jen: "Adios, El Cheapo." [She leaves.]

[Jasper is dancing with Caitlin.]
Caitlin: "Esta relación es terminada!"
Jasper: "Huh?"
Caitlin: "Gracias por el baile, Jasper."
[Jasper slinks away sadly as Caitlin goes back to her job.]
Wyatt: "It's like watching TV when you accidentally press the SAP button."
Nikki: "What happened? Unfortunately, we don't speak Spanish."
Caitlin: "The dance was nice, but I need someone who understands me. In English." [to Jen] "Did you finally dump El Cheapo?"
Jen: "Was everyone calling him that?" [Her friends nod.] "Oh, I just can't figure El Cheapo out! He makes the same as me at the Penalty Box. Where does all his money go?"
Wyatt: "Maybe he has a sick parent to support?"
Nikki: "Maybe he's really bad with his money."
Jonesy: "Or maybe El Cheapo likes living off the backs of hardworking saps like you and me." [His friends stare at him.] "Okay! Hardworking saps like you! My El Sporto busboy days are over."
Nikki: "Perhaps that's because you never went to work."
Jonesy: "A definite possibility." [His stomach rumbles.] "Uh oh. Jude! It's time!"
[Jude skates up and takes a good look as Jonesy stands up and points his butt at Jude.]
Ron: [driving towards them] "You! With the fart fetish! I want those goggles back!"
[Jonesy farts.]
Jude: "Wicked. That was even better than I expected, dude!"
Ron: [grabbing the goggles] "Me, me! I wanna turn! I want a turn!"
Jude: "No, just–dude! Dude!"
[Griffin walks by, and Jen's eyes narrow.]
Jude: "Dude! Dude!"
[Jen grabs the goggles and looks at Griffin. He has a wad of folded-up bills in each back pocket.]
Jen: [surprised] "Griffin's totally loaded." [chasing him] "Hey! I want my seventy-five bucks back!"
[Ron chases after Jen.]
Jude: "Bra! Bra, come back! Jonesy's about to blow again!"
Jonesy: [straining] "Any minute now..."
[Jonesy lets out a huge, loud fart. A small plop is heard at the end of it.]
Jude: [disappointed] "Aw, mannnn..."
Jonesy: [scared] "Oh no."

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