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Caitlin Cooke
Caitlin Full.png
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Relationship Kyle Donaldson (broken up)
Jeff (broken up)
Jerry/Pete (unseen; broken up)
Talon (broken up)
Wade (broken up)
Zane (broken up)
Dustin (broken up)
Connor (broken up)
Kai (broken up)
Joe (broken up)
Tad (broken up)
Hunter (broken up)
Billy (broken up)
Josh (broken up)
Benj Turner (broken up)
Les (broken up)
Vince(broken up)
Blake (broken up)
Grady (broken up)
Jasper (broken up)
Callum (broken up)
Spencer (unseen; broken up)
Wyatt Williams (broken up)
Tom (broken up)
Todd (broken up)
Wayne (broken up)
Ethan (status unknown)
Nicknames Lemonhead (Tricia and Stanley)
Cupcake (Ron)
Cait (Various friends)
First Appearance Take This Job and Squeeze It
Last Appearance Vote, Dude!
Voiced by Brooke D'Orsay

Caitlin Cooke (Katherine "Kathy" Cloutier in the French dub) is a fictional character in the animated Canadian sitcom 6teen. She is voiced by Brooke D'Orsay. She usually wears a pink butterfly clip in her hair, a pink top, a royal blue skirt, and pink high heels.


Caitlin is introduced to the series alongside her friend Tricia as they shop around the mall. She is the second character to speak, and in "Take This Job and Squeeze It," she is shown going around the mall and shopping until she maxes out her credit card (not realizing there was a limit on it). After she maxes out her credit card, Kirsten cuts it in half, and her father refuses to get her a new one until she pays off the debt she's accrued. As a result, she attempts to get a job, and gets hired by Jen to run the Big Squeeze when Jen can't find anybody responsible and qualified to do it.

She initially shows no work ethic and very little grasp of how life works. For example, when Jen suggests that they clean around the lemon to get ahead of schedule, she suggests paying somebody to do it instead (not realizing that the somebody being paid to do so was Jen, and would soon be her). Furthermore, when a rush hits later in the episode, she doesn't work at all, instead gabbing on her cell phone with a friend while Jen handles everything.

Despite this, she soon shows herself to be a good friend. While Tricia dumped her as a friend after learning that she had to get a job, when Coach Halder was about to fire Jen before she had even started working at the Penalty Box (Coach Halder had heard Jen yelling at Caitlin for Caitlin's incompetence) Caitlin stuck up for Jen and pointed out that despite how much she'd been screwing up, Jen had been patient with her up until that point. This not only saved Jen's job, but also ingratiated Caitlin with the rest of the gang and led to her becoming part of the group of friends.

Although Caitlin continued to show naivety with regards to how the working world works (she used an "emergency pedicure" sign to shut down the Big Squeeze in "The Big Sickie," shut the Big Squeeze down due to slow sales in "A Lime to Party"–a move that angered her boss–and gave out drinks for free to her friends in "The Five Finger Discount"), as the series went on she showed more maturity and work ethic. Over the course of the series, she only quit her job once, and actually took on a second job at one point. She quit her job in "Losing Your Lemon" due to having made enough to pay off her debt, but took it back after she realized that she was slipping back into her old habits of spending more than she had and that Tricia's shenanigans in that episode were hurting her friends, and in "Girlie Boys" she took on a second job in order to afford a pair of designer jeans.

Caitlin's two obsessions are shopping and boys. She was a massive shopper before she overran the credit limit on her credit card, and even after having to get a job, she kept track of several sales and was often seen shopping for clothes. She loves keeping up with fashions and looking nice. This ties in to her obsession with boys; over the course of the series, she spent a lot of time looking for clothes for dates or to attract boys. In fact, a tally of her dates over the series reveals that she mentioned or was seen dating twenty-five boys, and had crushes on several others. In addition, Caitlin seems very in love with the idea of love, frequently referring to her newest flames as "The One" (with a notable exception coming in "2-4-1," where she referred to Vince and Blake as "The Two"), and mentioning in "Bicker Me Not" that she thought she had found her soulmate, which was good as "the clock was starting to tick."

Despite Caitlin's frequent self-absorption, she has frequently proven herself to be a good friend. Over the course of the series, she gives Tricia several chances to befriend her again, even though Tricia betrays her each time Caitlin gives her a chance. In addition, she is supportive of her friends and their plans, and is referred to by Nikki in the series finale as being the "kindest, sweetest person [she] knows." In the group of friends, Caitlin is usually the most optimistic and most inclined to think the best of others.


  • Caitlin has been arrested for the most criminal acts of anyone in the group:
    • In "One Quiet Day" she was arrested for a stalking incident. Caitlin mentions having a crush on a boy named Jack. Prior to their date, Caitlin planned on asking Jack to study with her, but didn't have his phone number. She, however, remembered his address and wante dto place a note inside his mailbox. Due to this, she repeatedly drove around the block in her car, prompting a neighbor to think that Caitlin was a criminal. As a result, the police were called and Caitlin was arrested. She tried to apologize to Jack multiple times, but he considered getting a restraining order against him.
    • In "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!" she, as well as the rest of the main six sans Jen, for possessing and using a fake ID.
    • In "A Crime of Fashion" she was arrested on a shoplifting charge that was started by Tricia. However, Caitlin was later cleared of this charge once Tricia got caught.
  • Many times, various characters have called her by a shortened version of her name, Cait (pronounced the same as "Kate").
    • Additionally, she is the only female member of the gang who is frequently called by her full first name instead of just using one of her nicknames by others.
  • Caitlin had several known incidents where she was labeled as a stalker:
    • In the episode "Midnight Madness", Caitlin is working on a scrapbook when Brandon decides to invite her to his party. Barely knowing him, Caitlin is more than eager to go. Later on, when Brandon finds Caitlin's scrapbook, he looks inside and sees that she made various doodles of him. As a result, Brandon came to the conclusion that Caitlin's a stalker and uninvites her
    • In the episode "Snow Job", Caitlin meets up with Steph, her partner from biology class. She tries to ask him to the dance, but is interrupted several times. Halfway through the episode, Steph gets fed up with Caitlin's behavior and harshly tells her to leave him alone, prompting Caitlin to walk off in tears.
  • Caitlin's character has multiple characterization inconsistencies, most being when and how she met the other main characters in the show. We learn that in the first episode, it's Jude, Jen, Wyatt, Nikki, and Jonsey's first time meeting Caitlin, but multiple times in the series, it is alluded to that they knew her prior to their meeting in the episode "Take this Job and Squeeze It". In the episode "Great Expectations", when Caitlin is telling Jen about her unexpected kiss with Wyatt, Jen replies with something along the lines of "Yes, there's nothing weird about kissing one of your oldest friends", even though Wyatt and Caitlin met when they were both 15. Finally, in the episode "Major Unfaithfullness", Caitlin is telling Jen about how her hairstylist fixed her messed up hairstyle a few years back, she says something along the lines of "Remember when I gave myself that horrible hairdo in the 6th grade?", yet Jen and the rest of the group did not meet Caitlin until Grade 10.
  • She is a fan of the popular boy band DawgToy.
  • She is a self-proclaimed expert on break-ups; she believes that a step-by-step program must be followed to cope with the ending of relationships, and she owns an iPod with preprogrammed Sarah McLachlan music in advance for such situations (and Alanis Morrisette for the angry phase).
  • Her cell phone ring tone is set to an instrumental version of the Britney Spears single "Oops!... I Did It Again."
  • Despite being Canadian, Caitlin speaks with a slight valley girl accent.
  • In "Dude of the Living Dead," she was the last one to be bitten by a zombie.
  • Out of all her friends, Caitlin is seen crying the most. Whenever she cries, her mascara runs.
  • Caitlin is the only member of the main girls not to have been shown in a state of undress; the worst that has been shown was in "Girlie Boys," where part of her panties are shown while she's putting on a pair of jeans, and in "One Quiet Day" when she intentionally tucks her skirt into her panties. In comparison, Nikki was stripped to her underwear by an escalator in "Wrestlemania" and Jen was seen naked (except for a towel on her hair) in "Over Exposed." Caitlin's worst issues were related to bathrooms: in "Boo, Dude", she is caught with her pants down in a men's bathroom, and in "Pillow Talk" it is shown that she once used a bathroom at the beach and came out with toilet paper stuck to her bikini bottom–the latter of which she considers her most embarrassing moment.
  • Throughout the series, Caitlin is shown to be quite strong despite her small stature. This is commented on twice by her friends.
    • Nikki: "For a size zero she can drag a heavy load." (from "Baby, You Stink")
    • Wyatt: "You're freakishly strong for someone so small." (from "Insert Name Here")
  • She's the only girl of the group to kiss Wyatt.
  • Although her father is mentioned in the series, he has never been seen in the show.
    • She also mentioned her mother once when she and Nikki talked about how she (Caitlin's mother) extended Caitlin's curfew.
  • She must have a driver's license, because in "One Quiet Day" she mentions driving around the block several times in her mother's car. As well, in the first episode "Take This Job and Squeeze It" it is mentioned that she has spent her father's money on two Vespa's not knowing one could replace tires.
  • Caitlin, Jude, and Wyatt are the only 6teen main characters to not have their background explored, although it's established that Caitlin comes from a wealthy family.
  • Caitlin has dated more guys than any of the other girls on the show.
  • When Caitlin is really interested in a guy she's dating, she becomes clumsy around that guy. For the brief time they were together, Talon acquired many injuries this way.
  • Since she revealed Jonesy to be a Taurus in "Clonesy," Caitlin might be a Sagittarius due to the fact she cannot date a Taurus according to her astrologer.
  • As shown in "Enter the Dragon," she and Nikki basically swap personalities during their menstrual cycles -- in Caitlin's case, she gets really moody and cranky (although it's unknown if she develops an aversion to chocolate).
  • Her favorite color appears to be pink.
  • Caitlin may have skills in theatrical performance, since she can convincingly do many improvised "scenes" with no prior preparation. She attributes this to the fact she used to want to be a soap opera actress.
  • Caitlin must be a good student (even if she's not a great one), because she tells Jude she has never failed a class at school in "One Quiet Day."
  • Caitlin can drink pure lemon juice. This probably explains why she initially didn't know that sugar was a key ingredient in lemonade -- it would also indicate that she prefers a more tart lemonade.
  • She has farted more times than any other girl on the show.
  • The members of the main six (from tallest to shortest) are: Jonesy, Wyatt, Jude, Jen, Caitlin (without elevated shoes of any kind) and Nikki.
  • In Boo,Dude! Caitlin’s Ringtone is "...Baby One More Time."
  • Caitlin is the only one of the main six confirmed to be an only child.
    • Aside from being stepsiblings (and later gaining a half-sibling), Jonesy has two younger brothers while Jen has an older sister.
    • Nikki mentions having a nephew, which would mean that she has a sibling with children of their own, and in "6teen: Dude of the Living Dead," Jen mentions that Nikki has a sister (although the whole thing was technically just a dream). Nikki's nephew is never mentioned in any other episodes, and later episodes (like the series finale) imply that Nikki's an only child.
    • Nothing's ever said about Jude's family outside of his parents (or Jade, who is technically his cousin and not his sister), which would indicate that Jude's an only child.
    • According to Jen in "The Birthday Boy," Wyatt apparently comes from a large family -- but it's unknown if Jen meant that Wyatt has a large immediate family (i.e., Wyatt has a lot of siblings) or a large extended family.
  • Caitlin is the only one in the gang who normally doesn't wear sneakers, nor she is seen wearing any type or style of them.
  • Surprisingly, given her notable "boy-crazy" state, all of the guys in the gang have at least been "romantically linked" with Caitlin:
    • Jonesy: In the pilot episode "Take This Job and Squeeze It", he once teasingly flirted with Caitlin to be "his date", before Jen backed him off from committing that goal.
    • Jude:
      • In the episode "The Fake Date", he was one of the young male contestants who were in line to win a fake date with Jen for the purpose of making Charlie jealous, with Caitlin as the observer. As he is next to be questioned, he interrupted Caitlin's duty, and served her as if she was his actual "girlfriend". As Jen watches his treatement to Caitlin from afar, the former eventually chose him to be her fake date.
      • In the episode "The One with the Cold Sore", when she and Jude are seen hanging out together, the rest of the gang had mistakenly thought that the two were "dating", despite Caitlin's initial commitment to not date any boy in that episode, given the cold sore she got earlier from a previous date.
    • Wyatt:
      • In "Insert Name Here", he and Caitlin set up a fake date for a "double date" with Serena and Chad so that the former could forget his ex-girlfriend's name, as he was accidentally mentioning it numerous times in front of his former girlfriend during that time, Marlowe.
      • In "Great Expectations", he and Caitlin have accidentally kissed each other, as they think that the other was their respective chosen dates. Because of this, they have to forcefully date together to prove if they do have feelings for each other, to which they did so by kissing each other again twice, with both of them confirming the opposite after that, resulting in their relieving break-up.