"Barista Star"
Barista Star
Platform: Internet
Mode(s): Single player

Barista Star is a game formerly on the Teletoon website. In it, you play as a barista and serve various 6teen characters drinks.


The player is set up with a drink machine. Customers will come along and order drinks. The drinks will come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small drinks are in brown containers, the medium drinks in orange containers, and the large drinks come in blue containers. The next step is the drink in question. There are two options: coffee and tea. Tea will be signified with a green leaf, whereas coffee will be shown as a brown bean. The next option will be the topping. Sometimes customers will order a drink without anything on top, but it is more common for them to request either whipped cream or a lid on top of their drink.

The final step is serving the coffee. To do this, you have to send the drink sliding down the counter to exactly the right spot. This is the hardest part of the game, as you have to calculate the force of the serve. One that goes too far will not be picked up by the customer, whereas one that is too short will not make it to said customer.

There are two timers at work in the game. The first is the customer timer; you have to serve the customer before he or she gets too impatient and leaves. The second is the level timer. As soon as the level timer runs out, you have completed the level.

To earn points, you have to serve customers promptly with their requested drink. The faster they are served, the more points will be earned. If you lose a customer, this will take one of your three lives away. Put another way, you have to keep three customers from going away unhappy, or else you lose the game.



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