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*[[Wyatt Williams|Wyatt]] is [[The Swami|afraid of heights]].}}
*[[Wyatt Williams|Wyatt]] is [[The Swami|afraid of heights]].}}
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<center>[[Image:6teen-character-1.PNG|200px|link=:Caitlin Cooke]] [[Image:6teen-character-2.PNG|200px|link=:Jen Masterson]] [[Image:6teen-character-3.PNG|200px|link=:Jonesy Garcia]]
[[Image:6teen-character-4.PNG|200px|link=:Jude Lizowski]] [[Image:6teen-character-5.PNG|200px|link=:Nikki Wong]] [[Image:6teen-character-6.PNG|200px|link=:Wyatt Williams]]</center>

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This wiki concentrates on 6teen, a Canadian animated television series that ran for six years on Teletoon. It focused on the misadventures of six teenagers hanging out and working in the Galleria Mall as they blundered their way through first jobs, crushes, dates, and the occasional amount of school as they avoided the teenager-hating rent-a-cop and dealt with other pitfalls of life in the mall.

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2004-2010: 6 years of 6teen!
Featured Episode:
6 Teens and A Baby
6 Teens and A Baby is the 83th episode of the series and the third episode of the fourth season. In this episode, Jen is given the responsibility of taking care of the new baby in the family, Emma Masterson Jr., for the day. However, Jen did not sleep well at all because of the baby's constant crying, and now has a conflict because she has work today. To resolve this conflict, she pawns Emma off on Jonesy, who in turn passes the baby to Nikki, who has been having bad dreams about Darth. The baby makes its way through the group of friends, as does the news about Nikki's nightmares. Meanwhile, Wyatt has to deal with a new, incredibly annoying co-worker at Burger McFlipster's: his old boss Wayne.
Featured Character:
Stuart Goldstein
Stuart Goldstein is the manager of the mall pharmacy. He is a balding, overweight middle-aged man who is frequently seen in the background. He is often ignored by other characters, and suffers numerous (minor) injuries caused by them not noticing his presence.
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