"6teen Skate Challenge"
Platform: Internet
Mode(s): Single player

6teen Skate Challenge is a game that was previously on Teletoon's website. In the game, you skate through a pipe towards the finish line. The aim of the game is to collected point items while avoiding obstacles. The arrow keys are used to move the character through the pipe.

All six of the teenage leads are playable characters in this game.


The game starts with the option to play at normal speed, fast speed, or insane speed. The fast option will double your points, and the insane option will quadruple them. The next screen shows you the six teenagers, one of which will be your chosen skater. After this you have to take a path through the mall, picking up various items for points and avoiding various obstacles. You can also find power-ups, which can (according to which one it is) slow you down, making the game easier; make you immune to all obstacles and collect all the items for you; or give you an extra life. The obstacles are in the form of vortexes (essentially manholes), plant displays, and benches.


  • Each character has a particular point item related to some aspect of their character: **Jonesy's item is arcade-style video game consoles, reflecting his enjoyment of the arcade.
  • Each character also has a specific path to follow; the path is not the same for all characters.
  • Each one gets a specific pipe color as well:
    • Jonesy's path is teal.
    • Jen's path is light blue
    • Caitlin's path is pink.
    • Wyatt's path is light green.
    • Nikki's path is yellow.
    • Jude's path is purple.


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